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Roadtrip Ireland - 1-2 NOV 2010

If we were already in Ireland, it would have been silly to go home with only having seen Dublin. So after the run ensued a roadtrip to the Irish countryside! :)
We slept the nights before and after ASCA at the fancy Clarion Hotel at the airport and then early in the morning after the ASCA we rented a car and drove off to the west. We had two days and were about to make the most of it!

We first stopped at the Trim Castle:

then in Kilbeggan where we checked out Locke's whiskey destillery. Much cooler than the Jamesons destillery in Dublin and that was cool too! We had a large portion of fish and chips with plenty of salt and vinegar there which was just as well because sometimes you need to live life to the full :))


We drove on until we could and then slept in the car. In the morning of course i insisted on coffee so we stopped at the cutest little gas station we'd seen:

Picked up some breakfast and off we went to Clonmacnoise which was a beautiful monastery but due to its unfortunate position so close to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean was repeatedly wiped out by the trespassing vikings and so eventually the people left. The ruins are still beautiful and the place totally amazed Domi - me not that much because of the shitty bitter cold icy rainy weather which has the ability to destroy even the nicest place for the sightseer.

On our way to the Cliffs of Moher we passed Poulnabrone Dolmen, where the wind and rain made it almost totally unenjoyable. But to be frank i didnt quite understand what was there to admire anyway... its like a clumsy stone pile.
Then we soon reached the Cliffs of Moher where the weather was similary crappy but the view most definitely worth it! At first i was so bitter because of the wind that i didn't even wanna get out of the car but God im glad i did! A breathtaking place and anyway its not like i can see this large strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean...

Had to get some workout after the drivearound in Ireland so i went out early in the morning, before we took off to the airport. Ran around a residential neighbourhood right behind DUB airport.

8.35km in 43:36

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