2010. január 31., vasárnap

28.01. 12:00

11 km actual running plus 500 m warmup-cooldown. For a change i just ran a constant speed (mostly 12-12.2) and made the 5000m in 24:35. Then i had to take a toilet break and it allowed me to recover a little so my times might not be completely realistic for reference but i finished 11km in 54:45 which is pretty damn good for me.
Then i still did my usual 10 min on the steps and then worked appr. 40 min on my belly, legs, sides and this time shoulders and upper arms as well.
A substantial workout session, i was rather pleased. Next day i could hardly lift my arms :))

2010. január 25., hétfő

25.01. 18:00

Im starting nightshifts today so workouts will have to be done afternoons. Its more expensive and full of people in the gym, quite annoying. But its good because for the rest of the night i am relatively fresh.

Anyway, to the workout. 10km running in 51:10, 5000 @ 25:03. I had to take it a bit easier on the second half because i was kind of tired (out of touch too, havent worked out for 5 days) but still managed to make an ok speed. Of course, it wont be enough on the Halbmarathon but training will help soon as it is about to intensify.
Cooloff and warmup added i made 55 min on the treadmill and then moved onto the steps for another 10 min: 65 min cardio aint too bad.
20 min workout legs, sides, stomach, then it was time to go but to be frank i was a little tired too.

I didnt write this so far but it is conscious: starting at 5km a few weeks ago, i am adding a km each training and i do it at a fast pace. I will keep raising the bets until the Halbmarathon. Then i am facing a medical treatment that will not allow me to train for 4-6 weeks but i will still attend the MUC airportlauf and Bocholt Citilauf on the 6th and 7th of may. Perhaps not it topform but anyway.

2010. január 20., szerda

20.01. 13:30
1 karnitin shot

9km running at full speed: 46:30 plus 400 m/4min cooloff. TTL 50min.
The usual regime, starting at 11.5 up to 12.5, sprints, then down and a constant 1.6 to make it to 9. 5km in 25.20.
10 min on the steps, makes for a total cardio of 60 min.
25 min weights as usual.

18.01. 16:00, 19:00

Went for ski-running with my sister (my first attempt, she got the gear so i had to try!) but fell more than what i ran. But i do feel it in my arse anyway.

Later in the evening 20min swimming-10 min sauna-20 min swimming-10 min steamroom-10 min swimming.

2010. január 14., csütörtök

14.01. 13:00
1 karnitin shot

appr. 42 min running, 8 km (i am not sure about the time because the stupid treadmill lost my workout when i went out to the toilet). 11.5 to 12.5 by the 300-s, 3.5-4.7km sprints 14-10 by the 100-s, from 12.5 to 11.5 by the 300-s, 2 min on 14km/h, last min by 15 km/h.
5 km at 25:18. cooloff 3 min. ttl 45 min.
10 min steps
10 min bike (4.82km)
That makes 65 min cardio.
I then went on the weights but not with much enthusiasm. Spent 25 min then felt ready for a hot shower :)

12.01. 12:00
1 karnitin shot

36 min. running, 7 km plus 4 min cooloff : ttl 40 min - 7.2 km. 5 km at 25:16.
11.6 to 12.4 by the 300-s, 1km 14-10 by the 100-s, remaining few km at 12km/h.
15 min on the steps
10 min on the bike (4.8km)
That makes 65 min cardio.
Then i did a good 30 min on the weights. I got very pleasantly tired.

2010. január 11., hétfő

8. january 2010 10:30 am
1 karnitin shot before

I was just over a food poisoning (damn chinese on hlavni!) which kind of took the spirit out of me for a few days, and even this day i felt somewhat weak but it didnt affect my distances, only i was perhaps slightly slower than usually.

25:14 min on the treadmill, 5km. 0-3000m 12km/h, 3-4000m 14 km/h-10km/h each 100m. 4-5000 m 12km/h. 3 min cooloff.
15 min on the steps then, this seriously was difficult! I put it on the smallest resistence (1 out of 12) so 15 min are like 30 for the other ladies who read a magazine in the meantime :)
10 min on the bike, at an average of 27-28 km/h. 4.6km ttl.

So this is 50 minutes of cardio, look at it any way you want. Then i did a good load of weights: abs, sides, legs, butt. Appr. 30-40min, i forgot to watch the clock when i started. In any case, i pushed myself until i was really tired and i was quite shaky-legged walking home after :)

2010. január 3., vasárnap

I have a very, very good feeling

...about my metabolism. It was really good before i started this job but after a few months on the 8hour-sitting routine even a piece of chips started to go on my ass immediately after eating. Since i work out frequently it has improved but didnt get back to how it was. For a few days now though i somehow sense a difference. Could it be because of the muscle training? I doubt. Tho it does promise it, ive only done it a few times yet. I suspect the Karnitin shots that ive been taking with every trining since the first try. But fact is, my body had started hardening, i can feel it every day. Its not a huge change obviously but i can sense it which means it exists. So i suppose i will keep taking the shots and working out and see where it takes me.

Today i didnt get to the gym tho but soon. I also wish i had the new Women's Health, its really the best fitness mag i ever read and i did read a few. But ill have to wait until february to get my hands on a new edition which is when we go to the US again, Texas and NM this time. If im there i will most likely buy myself a pair of Saucony joggers too.

Oh, and most important news:
I registered for the LH Halfmarathon! Now there is no way back :) Virginijus is also coming. It ought to be fun!!

2010. január 2., szombat

I recently read that increasing lean muscle mass will lead to burning more calories by way of maintenance and since i have been stagnating in condition lately (couldnt really push myself to the limit with running any more) i decided this was probably a good thing for me to help develope my speed (more muscle and less fat cant do wrong can it?). Now its only 10 weeks until the Lufthansa Halbmarathon and i intend to carve off a few minutes of my best time. To go under 1:40 would be excellent, tho i dont see how exactly.
So anyway, here goes todays training:

25 min (5km) on the treadmill. warmup 200, cooloff 200, in between an average speed of about 12km. TTL time is not known exactly because 2 shitmills broke down on me.
15 min (appr. 1300 doubles) steps, i really broke a sweat on that one since i set it to lowest resistance. Makes for real fast stepping :)
10 min on the bike, 4.9 km at an average speed of about 28 km/h, resistance 7 (of 8).

25 min weights on ABS and legs. That really was quite effective which i could tell by my stiff walking afterwards.