2010. január 2., szombat

I recently read that increasing lean muscle mass will lead to burning more calories by way of maintenance and since i have been stagnating in condition lately (couldnt really push myself to the limit with running any more) i decided this was probably a good thing for me to help develope my speed (more muscle and less fat cant do wrong can it?). Now its only 10 weeks until the Lufthansa Halbmarathon and i intend to carve off a few minutes of my best time. To go under 1:40 would be excellent, tho i dont see how exactly.
So anyway, here goes todays training:

25 min (5km) on the treadmill. warmup 200, cooloff 200, in between an average speed of about 12km. TTL time is not known exactly because 2 shitmills broke down on me.
15 min (appr. 1300 doubles) steps, i really broke a sweat on that one since i set it to lowest resistance. Makes for real fast stepping :)
10 min on the bike, 4.9 km at an average speed of about 28 km/h, resistance 7 (of 8).

25 min weights on ABS and legs. That really was quite effective which i could tell by my stiff walking afterwards.

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