2010. január 20., szerda

20.01. 13:30
1 karnitin shot

9km running at full speed: 46:30 plus 400 m/4min cooloff. TTL 50min.
The usual regime, starting at 11.5 up to 12.5, sprints, then down and a constant 1.6 to make it to 9. 5km in 25.20.
10 min on the steps, makes for a total cardio of 60 min.
25 min weights as usual.

18.01. 16:00, 19:00

Went for ski-running with my sister (my first attempt, she got the gear so i had to try!) but fell more than what i ran. But i do feel it in my arse anyway.

Later in the evening 20min swimming-10 min sauna-20 min swimming-10 min steamroom-10 min swimming.

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Hi Helga
    reading your running blog makes me feel the worst, lazyest, undetermined, weakest, slowest person in the whole company ever :-)
    though I like it, it helps me to stay motivated ;-)

  2. nah,
    whats wrong with you man? You run ten times as much as i do! I spend most of my time blogging instead :))
    Actually, i didnt mean for you to keep reading, its bloody boring. Why dont you write one yourself instead?! Its a lot more motivating. And then i could make fun of you too :p