2010. december 12., vasárnap

22 NOV 2010 5AM

I absolved this run 5am in the morning on the 22nd. To work.
iPod sais 8.65km in 44:45

19 NOV 2010

On the treadmill in Velky Pruvan.

17 km in 1:24, average speed 12.14km/h
went easy and at a constant speed

16 NOV 2010

went to the Chrlice football field and did intervals, normally one round fast one cool but twice two rounds fast.
7 km in 37:34

15 NOV 2010

just why are my feet so heavy lately?! I train as much as never before and yet i get slower and slower...
Running to work in the dawn, i also have a bite before i leave so that cant be it.
8.3kg in 43:21

10 NOV 2010

home from work after an early shift.
8.45 km in 43:41

08 NOV 2010

Back to Velky Pruvan.
12,6km, 10k in 48:35! Too bad this isnt very reliable on the treadmill, but whatever.

06 NOV 2010

Bocholt, to the Aa, twice around and home.
7.35 in 36:36.

4 NOV 2010

Bocholt, to the Asee, 3X around and back home
10.4 km in 52:42.

Roadtrip Ireland - 1-2 NOV 2010

If we were already in Ireland, it would have been silly to go home with only having seen Dublin. So after the run ensued a roadtrip to the Irish countryside! :)
We slept the nights before and after ASCA at the fancy Clarion Hotel at the airport and then early in the morning after the ASCA we rented a car and drove off to the west. We had two days and were about to make the most of it!

We first stopped at the Trim Castle:

then in Kilbeggan where we checked out Locke's whiskey destillery. Much cooler than the Jamesons destillery in Dublin and that was cool too! We had a large portion of fish and chips with plenty of salt and vinegar there which was just as well because sometimes you need to live life to the full :))


We drove on until we could and then slept in the car. In the morning of course i insisted on coffee so we stopped at the cutest little gas station we'd seen:

Picked up some breakfast and off we went to Clonmacnoise which was a beautiful monastery but due to its unfortunate position so close to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean was repeatedly wiped out by the trespassing vikings and so eventually the people left. The ruins are still beautiful and the place totally amazed Domi - me not that much because of the shitty bitter cold icy rainy weather which has the ability to destroy even the nicest place for the sightseer.

On our way to the Cliffs of Moher we passed Poulnabrone Dolmen, where the wind and rain made it almost totally unenjoyable. But to be frank i didnt quite understand what was there to admire anyway... its like a clumsy stone pile.
Then we soon reached the Cliffs of Moher where the weather was similary crappy but the view most definitely worth it! At first i was so bitter because of the wind that i didn't even wanna get out of the car but God im glad i did! A breathtaking place and anyway its not like i can see this large strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean...

Had to get some workout after the drivearound in Ireland so i went out early in the morning, before we took off to the airport. Ran around a residential neighbourhood right behind DUB airport.

8.35km in 43:36

2010. november 21., vasárnap

ASCA Cross Country Dublin 31OCT2010

Everything happened as planned, the ASCA Cross of 2010 did take place, though delayed, and in Dublin too. No volcanic ashes or airport closures endangered the arrival of the teams, yet due to the rescheduling the team of Icelandair did not make it and other teams had difficulties too recruiting runners. We the LH ladies team didnt experience any difficulties though, came up to a nice round 5 but the guys were having a hard time multiplying to 6.
It somehow still worked out in the end, we were 11 plus my husband our only true fan, LOL, and the only problem left to take care of was how we would ever get to DUB with all flights completely overbooked on that day. Through numerous tricks which only FRA ppl know how to pull, such as a letter in the purserette's mailbox and the sweettalking of the captain while dominating the boarding personal completely, all 7 of us made it out of FRA while 4 HAMers got just as lucky against all odds. Friderike and I as cabin and ops were accepted on jumps while Sandra, Paul, Michael, Yasmin and Martina flew business but after we robbed them of their chocolate reserves we didnt complain really. Even Domi made the night flight.
After fastly checking in to the Clarion most of us took a bus to downtown, we only had to miss the team captains who took care of business. Scouted out a nice Irish pub in the Temple district and drained the stress of the day in Guiness and Ciders, respectively. I left to catch D early so i only heard it thru the grapewine that some people drained it pretty thoroughly but thats doping for you, its Germans we are speaking of :)

 10:30 the next morning, we are stumbling through the endless muddy rugby fields of the ALSAA with no people and or track in sight, just planes landing low above us and we are wondering if we came to the right place. The organizer team themselves have not much of an idea where the start should take place and it feels a little surreal but we are cool, no sweat. Shoes feel like sinking boats, filled with water. Eventually people turn up out of nowhere and we are just in time for the start. We are all rather relieved when Orla of the host team takes the lead immediately, this way we hopefully wont get lost. But she is difficult to follow and beats 2.5 minutes on us by the end of the second round. Two steps forward slide one back is the order of the day, it is kind of like you are running on a wheel and not getting anywhere. Sandra Friderike and I build a unit and push the tempo but soon more Lingus staff passes us by, sporting fancy spikes.

But we pull it thru, Sandra even touches ground once, but it takes more than a little pain to do away with her Friderike gives it a push on the last couple hundred meters and finishes as first Lufthanseatin in 18:36 , i follow in 18:42 and Sandra a minute later. To the outsider it all looks like slow-motion tho, and in the finish i feel like i did not 4 but at least 14 km. Yasmin and Martina arrive soon enough too and there is no doubt to our second position. We are a little annoyed over not having brought spikes but to be honest, they would have beaten us one way or the other. Perhaps not so easily tho. We still manage to put SAS and Iberia behind us and we are only slightly upset over a 13 year old baby girl beating us all in 16:sth Then we watch the guys do their 4 rounds and are all very proud of them, just doing the 8 k seems like a huge challenge under the circumstances, let alone the times some of them post. Too bad it doesnt suffice for a medal this time.


Hot showers, hot soup, sandwiches and ciders soon wash away the exhaustion, and we then divide until dinner.

D and i go sightseeing and do a considerable load:


and then its time to dress up all fancy and recieve a 5 course meal which unfortunately starts at 21pm so its more like 2 courses for me. But you dont need to worry about the guys, they eat thru the whole evening heroically and after we finally pick up our medals at midnight, i am relieved to go home to my nice soft hotel bed and snoring bedwarmer Not the others tho, they still have a dance or 10 in them, admirable endurance :)

A very nice event all in all, looking forward to a revival! Maybe next spring in VIE?

27 OCT 2010 05:00 am

Ran to work in spite of the frosty temps and darkness :) Hey, thats how winters gonna be only much worse, i had rather started getting used to it :)
8.58km in 44:16 or so the chip says (but i am getting suspicious, i think it cuts off a few meters per 100...will have to check)
Good to start the day at -600kcal AND a body burning fat on highspeed for hours... :D

25 OCT 2010 10:00

Ran to Olympia :
3.26km in 16:13
then took the bus and carried on with the workout downtown:
5.1km in 25:13

This was quite fun actually, i managed to do some chores while working out at the same time :) Seems like living in a godforsaken smalltown has its advantages too - i obviously never would have run around in running tights in downtown Budapest... but here noone cares :)

23 OCT 2010 20:51

Went out around the village on "c36" and finished the 6.51km in 34:20. Once the workout was paused for a few minutes while i was running, i didnt notice, so i guess reality is more like 6.8 in 36 or so.

2010. október 22., péntek

21 OCT 2010 7:30

Took the usual road to work and measured it: 8.45 km from the nursery to the bakery :) Did it in 43 min or so. I also mapped it at nikeplus afterwards, now i will own it :)

19 OCT 2010

Having had an offday i had a few bites for breakfast and then ran to Ikea on the bikeroad. I made it a bit of a roundtrip so it would add up to 7km. Again, 36 min. The day before i walked home from Hnevkovskeho and tried calibrating the chip on the bikeroad where the km-s are painted but it turned out there was no need as it was totally accurate already.
Anyway, that 7k pretty much hurt because i forgot to cream my knee but i held thru.

1. OCT 2010

Went to Velky Pruvan again, did the speed excercise at increased velocity (11.5, 13.5/10,12.3) and then pushed it until 9km. 5000@24:47, 9000 @ 44:10. Worked out too like a maniac. I must say it all felt pretty pleasant neverthless.

15 OCT 2010

The maiden voyage of my nike plus chip :) Hecked my shoe so i dont need a nike plus actually. Kudos to podophile at http://podophile.com/2006/11/30/nike-ipod-shoe-hack-and-sensor-accessory-round-up/ for the advice :)
I took it to the normal flat Chrlice round but forgot to charge my ipod so it died on me at 3.6 km. I did a total of 36 min| appr 7 km.

12 OCT 2010

Went to Velky Pruvan for the first time (got a free entrance). Its awsome, im totally convinced! Invested in a 10occasion regular immediately. 10 of the good soft treadmills, lots of cardio options and all machines multiple times, good air, fancy lockerroom and showers, just lovely. Price is a bit higher but not terrible.

Did an hour of running: 12.2 km ttl with the same intervals as before but 4 times the fast 3min at 12.2-12.5 and 10 inbetween. 5000@24:47 and 10000@44:10. Then i did my reg. workout load and was pretty exhausted in consequence.

10 OCT 2010

Johanna, all 3 bodyparts

2010. október 17., vasárnap

07 OCT 2010 14:00

I got a Womens Running in London and one article was on increasing your speed over the first 5k so i tried one of the sample workouts they were suggesting. The principle is to create and control discomfort for shorter periods so your body learns to accept it. They suggest 10 min jogging at a comf. speed which i set for 11/11.5, then 4 times 3 min high speed (uncomfortable) broken by 1min jogs and then 10 min jogging to relax. But i only did 3 of the fast units, mainly for lack of time but also because my knee was giving me grief. But no wonder on the bloody treadmill thats so hard i could as well be running on rocks and it runs uneven too, a real nightmare. So i took 13 to 13.5 for high speed and 10 for inbetween. Did a total of 6k in half an hour. Then i still biked and worked out and i did try two new machines for the shoulders and Waden and got totally exhausted. As protein shakes are by now a fixed part of my diet i wont be mentioning any more how i had one after training - i always do.

04 OCT 2010 20:00

Norbi no1, 45 min

2010. október 8., péntek

30 SEP 14:00

Went to the gym and altho very tempted by the treadmill i resisted running. Want my knee to recover properly. 15 min steps and 15 min biking (intervals) for cardio plus loads of workout. Incorporated the Vade exercise as well as 3 diff. arm exercises. Had a shake afterwards (karamel) - managed to exhaust myself totally.

29 SEP 20:00

30 min of muscle workout with Fellner

Run the Frog and Toad - WARR London 25 SEPT 2010

What a disaster! Even after three weeks my heartrate shoots up if i think about it. But i guess
i only have myself to blame.
Domi and i arrived to LHR on the 24th early afternoon, fastly checked into the Ibis Heathrow and then off we went to pick up my starter package near Canary Wharf. Now i always thought i was a big city kid what with having grown up downtown Budapest but apparently i dont know **** about REAL bigcity commuting. If i had i would have considered a more expensive hotel somewhat closer to the Royal Docks. The way from LHR to the ExCel was so excrutiatingly slow that by the time we got out of the Team meeting it was dark. We did a little sightseeing but ultimately were even too exhausted to have dinner and just fell to bed and slept like logs.

It only figures that I of all the clumsy people of this world would then leave late the next morning, leaving only 2:15 for commuting AND warmup, and that my metro coach would stand 20 min in some station due to reconstruction works. It only is predictable that i would miss my startshot on the very event i have been preparing for for like... a year?!
Alright then, i might be a cronic latecomer (needless to say that Domi the everGerman was in fury just by the very thought of what id done) but if there is one thing i despise more than being late is pussing out, taking the easy way out. Which is why, as the doors of the metro opened at 11:03, Prince regent station witnessed a rather upset Lufthansa runner shoot out of the car to disappear towards ExCel in a whirl (that i had to change my jeans to running shorts in the metro was only the smaller embarrassment, lol). I passed the startline at 11:04:35 and set about catching up with the others. I pushed the pace and passed the last few people in a few minutes, kept passing first the slow then the comfortable hobbyrunners, then those who were not well prepared and then finally a few of the better runners too. One setback i had to deal with was that while i hydrated vigorously before the race i had no time for a bathroom-break but as the kilometres and minutes passed by and the urgency of the matter climbed up the charts, it transformed into the most powerful of motivations there is :)
Reached the finishline at 52:17 (which translates to 47:40 netto time logged on my watch, a personal best) and took over a load of people on my final sprint. Once done tho, i felt all drained of willpower or integrity even, i just got changed, watched the start of the 5k and then walked away. Didnt quite know how to deal with the shame and disappointment.
In any case as it turns out, i made 3rd place on my age category even so. Whats more important, my team was anything but ashamed of me! Germans AND Luftverkehr mitarbeiter, and still such tolerance for delays... i dont know how i could have expected less of them tho, they are just really really nice people. Like REALLY.

So once again a heartfelt Thank you and Sorry goes out to Sandra, Paul, Ralf and everyone who was damn kind to me and whom i in return kind of let down. I look forward to hanging with you in DUB and making up for my rude behaviour!

WARR London

2010. szeptember 21., kedd

20 SEP 2010 10AM

Went to the gym yday to time the 10k... but after just 4 i felt like my left knee would not take it any more. SInce i felt the same pain (just not so intense) 2 days before i thought, id push it on and itd go away like it did. But at 5000m (24:37, but i was planning to keep that speed up until 10k) i could just NOT take the pain any more. I stopped, stretched, bent it to every direction, tried to run again 3 times but it didnt get any better. So i had to give up... pretty frustrating. I almost broke down crying when i imagined i would have to cancel London. But then i went to the bikes instead, pushed myself for 15 min and then did most of my usual workout, and the knee was fine whatever i did but running/walking. So i figured i would take the remaining days off to rest and see if i can perhaps do a little running in London on friday evening - if not, i just hope it gets better for Sat. Im doing the race no matter what.

2010. szeptember 19., vasárnap

18 SEP 20:45

Did the same route as the day before, except i did the turnaround on both rounds with a loop on the bridge above the highway. I hit precisely the same time on the second round as the day before, which is 28 min and sth. TTL time 56 min, distance must have been over 10k.

Today is then a day off, and i go to time myself tomorrow morning in the gym.

2010. szeptember 18., szombat

17 SEP 2010 21:15

Yesterday I finally felt somewhat better so i took this very last moment to start a blitz-preparation for the WARR. The plan is to do 4 longer runs in the last 8 days, plus a short one in LON on the last afternoon. That means i must not take more than 3 days off two of which should be the last few days.

So i went out in the evening and did 50 min NET around the neighbourhood. Tried to find as flat a route as possible so i went off to the south then took the road down to the road towards Olympia, then up to Chrlicke Nam. and back up to Nadrazi - twice. Then i did 10 min situps with J, rather painful but sth had to be done for my stomach too. Today i have a similar plan, tho hopefully i can start somewhat earlier. Sunday i might have a break and then Mon-Tue, since i work late shifts, i can hit the gym.

I realize i will not be anywhere near topform for the 25th but the very least i can do is make sure i come in under 50 min at the race.

2010. szeptember 16., csütörtök

Dear Mr Murakami,

runner and writer,

i just got your Bible from my husband. It was in disguise, looked like a skinny paperback that, with your name on it as a reassurance, was promising no more than a few hours of -excellent- entertainment.
As solitary an activity as running might be, the sense of companionship your book offered me is inspiration and support at its best. I never thought anyone felt about running the way i do - but then i read What i talk about when i talk about running and it felt like You took my very thoughts and feelings on running, filtered out the crap, backed them up with 20 plus years experience, put a literary cap on it and they now lay before me on the table, clear as i never saw them. But then You say yourself (tho it makes one wonder how much of it is just modest courtesy) that writing helps you think clearer and understand things.

Thank You so much for coming out bravely with something so few people will understand - thank You for not being afraid of being labeled boring, obsessed even, which is what would no doubt happen to people with lesser literary power and most of all, thanks for making it so enjoyable and encouraging. My inspiration warehouse, lately rather ghostly, is bulking once again.

Though an enthusiastic reader of yours for years now, I had no idea You were running. In fact, this is quite funny, cause I remember wondering how the character Toru Okada wasn't getting terribly fat what with his lifestyle, that much cooking and eating late dinners and beers and doing absolutely nothing, save for a few occasions on which he went to swim... i remember thinking, as i was reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Murakami must have a typical guy's idea about metabolisms, as in, eat all you want and never bother about exercise. Now all is explained, his diet would have been completely reasonable if you add 36 miles of running a week... :))

I guess I am what You would call a runner suited for shorter distances - the whole heel-hitting ponytail swinging thing, but i feel that i am still in transition, that my running is just in its early bloom and i hope to see it thru to my own ultramarathon and ironman experiences. Who knows? I did my first half marathon (<5min/km) this year and it was difficult, but runnig has been rapidly getting easier and more natural for me as the months go. I will attempt my first marathon this november and if at 22 miles i feel i cant go on, i know i will think of your ultra - try to switch in machine mode and defy suffering in spite of the pain.

So a big thank You is the order of the day - please keep running so you can keep on writing so we can all enjoy your sparkling mind for a long time to come!

With lots of respect and friendly runners regards

helga baumann

13 SEP 2010 5AM

Took the blades to work, the usual 10 k or so. 45 min.
I am afraid this was one of the last few occasions i could do that, cause the leaves started falling and the road is getting messy.

Unfortunately somewhat later that same day i could already feel i would come down with a cold, which i did. Pretty hard too, lots of bad headaches, fever, was quite weak altogether. So no more workouts for a few days now...

12 SEP 2010 21:00

Norbi kickbox I. 45 min
10 SEP 2010 21:00

Pasternak, day 2, 25 min.

2010. szeptember 10., péntek

09 SEP 11:00

Gym. 6km running/ttl 30 min: 5 km sprint (2km intervals 2.5-4.5) and 1 relaxing. 5000m in 24:10. Gotta improve that at least 30 sec until DUB...
15 min biking with the usual 45-1:15 intervals. Weights with generally heavier weights and less repeats, eg. leg pushes 4*10 with 60 kg - arm pulldowns 15-20-15 kg *10 reps - belly with 35kg*10 reps 5 sets with 10reps on back exchanged. ETC
TTL time about 1:15.

2010. szeptember 8., szerda

05 SEP 10:00

Nike Budapest Halfmarathon! Shared with T, team Vakeger :))
I did my part, 13.9 km in 1:08:57. Total time 1:46.
Made 10th place!!

01 SEP

Ran to olympia onto the bikeroad up to the 3km sign and back. Made 42 min.

29 AUG 19:00

Ran to Turany but instead of the normal round i turned back at 20 min sharp. back and forth 40 min.

28 AUG 20:00

Pasternak day1. 25 min.

24 AUG 05:15

Skates to job again, a little slower this time ( somehow... 45 min)

20 AUG

Celebrated St Stephans day with running to job :46:50min
Then after work i went to the gym for an hour of workout:
12 min on the stepmill, 14:30 bike and the usual weights. About an hour ttl.

The days after i could tell with certainty that such a combo is more effective than separate days. Will try to do it like that a couple more times before winter comes...

18 AUG 21:00

Did the second day exercise from Pasternaks DVD. Very effective, again! Big time pain in my legs and arms.

16 AUG 05:15

Took the rollerblades to job before my early4 shift: 41 min quite intensive cardio and fun :)

15 AUG

Once home, i did the new fitness dvd i got with my german Fit for Fun. Harley Pasternak has a new 5 pillar program and this was the exercise for the 1st day: 25 min. Surprisingly effective!
The guy is a complete idiot, tho, with a lame sense of humour and too in-your-face gay.

12 AUG

Woke in the Rockies NP and did two short hikes (each about 2 km) in the morning mist. We then drove thru the highest mountain pass in North America (about 12000 feet) where even breathing was an exercise :) I wished i had time to run but i didnt :( We had to fly off in the afternoon.
On our way to the airport we dropped by the famous Grudge Gym:) I got a photo with Jennifer Berg who was hanging around when we got in. Bought us some cool shirts too and off to the airport we went...

11 AUG 2010

Got to Glenwood springs where we bathed in the famous thermal pools.
Saw Durango (the narrowgauge railway) and ended up in the Rocky Mountain NP in the evening. Given the elevation and a change in weather the night brought a fall-like chill with it but i was determined to swim in the Grand lake never the less. It must have been 22pm by the time i got to the shore and it took quite a bit of determination to go in. It was ICE cold too. Swam 12 mins which under the circumstances was pretty brave :) Could hardly breath in the water. Than we slept in the car but my body didnt warm up the whole night in spite of the fat sleeping bag and warm clothes.

10 AUG 2010


We reached the Canyonlands National Park the night before, slept in the car and woke early. Went for a short hike of 1.5 km, then in the car and on we drove.

Reached the Arches NP around midday and decided to do a longer hike. 4.8 km but steep up the hill and that in a deadly midday heat. But the Delicate Arch was certainly worth it! After that we did one more shorter hike of maybe a km or so to the Windows.

All in all quite a nice hiking day :)

9 AUG 2010

Drove thru Monument Valley, passed Shiprock and Mexican Hatrock, and some more, and it was already after sunset that we reached a little lake right out of Blanding which i spotted on the map and was hoping to swim a bit in. It was indeed a lovely little lake (tho lots of mosquitos) and i got a good 20-25 min swim. SO refreshing after such a hot day!

2010. augusztus 22., vasárnap

08 AUG 2010 8:00/19:00

The day after The Wedding all the ppl who lived in our hotel must have been resting out their hangovers long because when we came down to the pool around 8 there wasnt anyone near or far :) We swam a little, appr 10 minutes, then went into the sauna for another 10. With a long day of driving ahead of us we knew a little refreshing exercise would have done us good. After the sauna we grabbed some bagels and coffee/juice resp. from the breakfast bar and sat at the pool. Luxury pur!

The evening then found us in Mesa Verde National Park at an elevation of about 8000 feet with considerably less oxygen than what we were used to, so the 32 min of running (up and down, but mostly up, very hilly) i did with D's careful escort really made a wreck of me :) Fortunately there were showers outside of the park so i knew i could get cleaned up. I will estimate i must have run about 5km. Too bad i couldnt really rest it out as we slept in the trunk of the Pt Cruiser that night but it did good anyway.

2010. augusztus 20., péntek

06 AUG 2010 16:00

Somewhat adventurously but we made it to the US! Left on the 3rd afternoon, got some 5 hours sleep in B (wanted to jog there but i simply couldnt get myself out of the bed even though i set my alarm) and ended up in Charlotte thru New York instead of Chicago on the first night. Again a few hours of sleep, no time or energy to workout (and most of all, no jogging gear as my bag got lost), flt to Denver, car renting, off to Colorado springs and onward.

So the 6th of aug we woke up in the Great Sanddunes National Park, went to hike on the sanddunes. I did maybe an hour or so only, but D went all the way up to the top of the dunes.

We then drove on towards the Black canyon of the Gunnison and i was increasingly cranky because i really needed some sort of a workout so when we saw the Blue Mesa Reservoir (a lake) we knew it was time:) Additonal bonus: a pretty strong current. Unfortunately we had to make it to R until sunset so i only got to swim 12 min in Lake Gunnison but i made up for it in the evening in the fancy hotel pool of the C S Lodge with another 20 min and some very pleasant whirlpool relaxation :)
But in any case since i only lived on Mcd salads, huge light cokes and coffees, i was def in shape for the wedding on the next day :)

2010. augusztus 19., csütörtök

02 AUG 2010 14:00

Went to the gym before we'd be off to the US. Did 35 min running -6.7km. 5km at 24:27, 6.5 at 32, then some walking to relax. 10 min on the stepmill, 10 on the bike and then the weights (legs 2, belly 2, back 1, arms/shoulders 2, each at 5-6 sets 10 reps, except the arms at 3 sets, 10 reps. Stretching and protein. Ttl time about 1:30.

30 JUL 2010 20:00

Took the blades to work again :) Yday i was quite sore because of the first session so i gave myself a day off but i did it again on the 3rd nightshift and i guess i was fine. 45 min or so, which is btw how much it took the first time too, i forgot that i started the timing after the first km.

2010. július 28., szerda

28 JUL 2010 20:00

My new rollerblades came in the post today! They are nice too, fit properly and roll really well.
So i took the for their maiden voyage tonite, on my way to my first nightshift. appr 9-10 km, from our door to Olympia where i went onto the bikeroad and got off at Spielberk. 41min, pretty tiring too :) I love them!!
That being said, the bikeroad was really pretty crowded, most pppl on blades (some runners and bikers too) and about all of them was faster than me. But at least i stayed on my feet (no accidents altho almost had myself hit by a truck) and next time im sure i will already be somewhat faster :)

2010. július 27., kedd

25 JULY 2010 21:00

Went out for the neighbourhood run, and for the first time timed it properly with my new watch :) 42 min for the 7.5-8 km.

24 JULY 2010

Did the J-workout, 3 X 10 min belly, legs and butt:)

20 JULY 2010

Went to Kravi Hora for a change. Swam 800 m-s but very leasurely, with 2 10 min suntan-breaks. But i was thinking id start a swimming regimen so i could get into the triathlon scene once again. Now all i need is a swimming suit and an expensive roadbike :)

2010. július 19., hétfő

19 JUL 2010 14:00

Back to the gym, all alone this time as D now works day shifts. Used it for running, and i better had, for my condition is down under the you know what. I can deal with that, though, because i still do train frequently, but because i keep it under an hour normally, the energy i burn isnt really missing that much (so i dont eat more) which in result brought a slight weight loss once again. Now im keeping a very nice weight while my bodyfat-percentage still keeps decreasing. Probably in a big part thanks to the karnitin and protein shakes too. Its been a while since i was so happy with my body (like, about never :))

So i did 10.2 km / ttl time 54:13 which included:
5000m @ 24:55 with the hundred intervals from 3000-5000 (14-11) - then 200m walk
then up to 7500m at 12.1km/h, again 200m walk
then up to 9000m running at 12.1-2 km/h, 200m walk
and a last 800m which i pushed from 12.1 to 15 km/h.

I had to put in the walking passes because i couldnt have kept the speed otherwise. I decided it was more important to a) be able to finish b)push some speed so i didnt mind it so much that i took so long. Another aspect was the fatburning too, the interval pass always is more tiring but helps a lot more so i stretched it to 2km.

15 JUL 2010 23:30

1 Garancs-round in PCs... but all alone because T had to go to bed so she could wake up at 6. Took about 30 min (maybe less) which made me pretty pleased about the tempo (not so much about fatburning).

2010. július 12., hétfő

10 JULY 2010 21:30

I did the Chrlice-Turany-Popelova round the other way around, same distance, same time. Perhaps a little easier.
Google maps say its about 7.6-8 km.

2010. július 7., szerda

05 JULY 2010 20:00

40 min of fit-box at home ... with Norbi of course :D
To be fair, no workout had made me so sore in a while :)

04 JULY 2010 13:15

After job i ran to Olympia to meet D & L :) Appr. 35 min, 6-6.5 km. Bad time due to incredible afternoon heat :)

01 JULY 2010 20:00

Turany round 45:00. Very nice, i felt like my condition finally improved a little.

29 JUNE 2010 14:00

Gym-day with D! We did a really fair load, spent 1:20-1:30 incl 20 min of hard spinning cardio (interval training with 1:15 sitting-0:45 standing) and then went on to our regular 2-2-2 plus managed to add one more leg exercise. We both pressed ourselves pretty much- raised the repetitions to 6x10 resp. 3x10. D also raised his weights considerably.

27 JUNE 2010 20:00

30 min of pure muscle workout (BBP) with my new DVD.

26 JUN 2010

Was looking forward to a Velencei tó swimming challenge for this saturday but it got canceled. Instead we returned home and i went out for a round to Turany in the evening. 45 min, about 8-8.5 km (hilly).

21 JUNE 2010 21:00

Spent a week in Hungary. Up the hill in Piliscsaba with D biking! :) We did the usual Garancs round. A good 40 min training.

2010. július 6., kedd

16 JUN 2010 14:00

A pleasant warmish dawn, than a stormy morning and at 14:00 it was sunny and hot. Stupid weather!! But anyway, i was determined to run home after work in any weather :) And so i did, got home in about 50-55 min. I guess its about 9-10 km.

18 JUN 2010

30 min muscle workout (BBP)
13 JUNI 2010 20:00

Went out to run the Turany-Popelova-Chrlice round. 45 min, appr. 8-8.5 km. Its hilly and very diverse which is nice :)

I dont quite remember the exact day but around the 14-15th i did the BBP workout in full (incl 30 min muscles and 15 cardio) for the first time.

2010. június 27., vasárnap

7 JUNE 2010 15:00

Protein shake

D and i decided to try the gym again :) We went 12 min on the spinning bikes and while i did the steps for another 13 D did the normal bike. Then we did the normal round on the machines: 2 for each body part, 6 ttl, with 5-6 x 10 repeats. Obviously D uses bigger wgts than i do :) But thats fine. Stretching inlc we spent about 1 h and then while D went out shopping i did another 20 min / 4 km on the treadmill which was pretty difficult after all the muscle workout.

18 MAY - 6 JUN

Really stupid of me to let down my journal like i did! Now that i tried to put the happenings together from the retrospective, i found myself unable to construct even an approximate summary. Fact is:
I didnt get holiday so i had to skip the JP Morgan chase. The cancellation of the DUB coupled up with this pretty much discouraged me and since i also hit the lowest of my weight in years i kinda let myself a little off the hook. But not totally!
Fact is: The gym pass i bought in the beginning of may got another 2-3 occasions crossed out and since D didnt come with me again, it must have been me alone. I remember 2 occasions in particular on which i tried to run at speed and was pretty disappointed at my lack of condition. Of course workouts included strength strings too as they always do.
Fact is that i remember running home from job once after an early shift, which gives me a good 50 min/9-10 km.
And fact is that i went out for a 45 min run in the neighborhood which i only know because i timed it with my ipod and i have the records. So i guess i could say i did 1.5-2 trainings a week.

17 MAY 2010 6:15

Leonardo Hotel, FRA
A hurried 35 min on the treadmill in the hotels gym. Since it was a shit treadmill with no option to pause i cant tell the distance but about 7,1 km. Then it was time to get showered, dressed and made up and off to the interview i went.

16 MAY 2010 17:00

Damn the stupid volcano!! The ASCA Cross was cancelled because the Irish airspace got closed again for a day or two, and because the team of Icelandair had no chance to get out of their country. So they rescheduled but the date isnt set yet... Im afraid i wont be LH anymore by then (since the talk is about October).

Altho the airspace was open again, we decided to go to Malta, Valletta instead (half hoping that Dublin would still come) which turned out to be a wonderful idea: altho just 2 short days, we managed to watch most of whats compulsory for a first time visitor and D insisted to make time for a run on the beach for me :) A WONDERFUL scenery, in fact so inspiring that if i was to live next to one such, i think id run every single day :) Unfortunately we had to hurry big time because check-out was due very soon, so i only got 25 min on the shore and another 5 back to the hotel. We still jumped into the pool fast, but only to cool down.. 15 min later we already sat in the cab on the way to the airport and 3 hours later we were back in FRA where we were to overnight in the fancy **** Leonardo Airport Hotel :)

10. MAY 2010 20:00

2 days after the race and i kind of felt like running again - that and i knew i had to improve my speed because the next 2 races would be around the 5km. So i went out to the Aa See and D accompanied me on the bike :) We had a wonderful time, chatting when my breath allowed, and after 1 round around the lake we headed for the St Paul ententeich and D's elementary school and then we ran home on the route he used to take to and from school for many years :) It must have been around 40min total, out of which the first 30min were really intense (fast as i could).
But more important than that, it was our first common athletic activity and i do hope the beginning of a nice tradition :)

2010. június 13., vasárnap

Bocholt City Lauf

08 MAY 19:00
Bocholt, Germany

Just a day after the 12 in MUC i once again found myself at the startline of a 10km race and this one was but an Ehrensache for me, spouse to a Bocholter and a devoted fan of the town :) so there was no way to take it easy. Tired and a little out of shape as i might have been, and the first km having SUCKED what with the narrow streets and the crowd before me, i still managed to run an acceptable time, 0:49:42. That put me on the 7th place in the WHK category which was a bit of a disappointment but could have been worse. D insists i write that he was very proud of me :) And i know he was. The family came out to support me and L made sure i had a smile every round i passed by her:)

MUC Airport Lauf

07. MAY 17:00

So the big day has come!! D, L and i set out for MUC (flew AirDolomiti and were very pleased with it) . The trip sucked because we had to take a nighttrain to Prague and then slept very little in total and i was afraid the sleep deprivation would affect my running but i was pleasantly disappointed. Anyway, we watched some stuff downtown MUC (climbed the scary St. Peters church-tower and had some horse-sausage from the Pferdemetzgerei, and then Laugenbraetzel and D Weizen of course) before heading for the MUC airport visitor park. Met O. and picked up a fancy LH running shirt for free :) and then the official running shirt of the day plus some freebies (energy drinks, shower gels, food vouchers, etc). Met S and R soon after arriving, hung out a little, got introduced to some more collegues.

I was really quite scared i would suffer on the 12 since i was really out of shape, or so i thought. But after the 4km border (i admit that wasnt too pleasant) it all got easier and eventually i could even enjoy the route which led thru fields, lots of dirtroads and asphalt as well. Lots of LH thsirts passed me and i passed a few as well, and everyone was friendly and the athmosphere really nice. On the last km or 2 i even speeded up a bit and managed to make a pretty good time: 58:14 on 12 km. That put me on the 4th position among all women and gained me a silver in the WHK category. Upon arriving in the finish we were all immediately spoiled with icecream, freshly squeezed fruit juices (yummy!), melones, apples, bananas, isodrinks, whatever an athletes heart can desire :) And then the real fun started! A big tent was erected and a band played on the stage while we redeemed our free food and drink vouchers for all kinds of Bavarian delicatesse such as a huge white sausage with a mountain of potatosalad and Kraut and of course a Weizen once more for D. Meanwhile the Siegerehrung commenced (S and R both won in their age categories, to nooones surprise) and i was evventually called on stage to take my Pokal :) L came up with me and prompted big ovations from all runners :)

But then it was time to take off so we could catch our connex to DUS. I will upload some photos tomorrow, promise!!