2010. szeptember 21., kedd

20 SEP 2010 10AM

Went to the gym yday to time the 10k... but after just 4 i felt like my left knee would not take it any more. SInce i felt the same pain (just not so intense) 2 days before i thought, id push it on and itd go away like it did. But at 5000m (24:37, but i was planning to keep that speed up until 10k) i could just NOT take the pain any more. I stopped, stretched, bent it to every direction, tried to run again 3 times but it didnt get any better. So i had to give up... pretty frustrating. I almost broke down crying when i imagined i would have to cancel London. But then i went to the bikes instead, pushed myself for 15 min and then did most of my usual workout, and the knee was fine whatever i did but running/walking. So i figured i would take the remaining days off to rest and see if i can perhaps do a little running in London on friday evening - if not, i just hope it gets better for Sat. Im doing the race no matter what.

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