2010. július 28., szerda

28 JUL 2010 20:00

My new rollerblades came in the post today! They are nice too, fit properly and roll really well.
So i took the for their maiden voyage tonite, on my way to my first nightshift. appr 9-10 km, from our door to Olympia where i went onto the bikeroad and got off at Spielberk. 41min, pretty tiring too :) I love them!!
That being said, the bikeroad was really pretty crowded, most pppl on blades (some runners and bikers too) and about all of them was faster than me. But at least i stayed on my feet (no accidents altho almost had myself hit by a truck) and next time im sure i will already be somewhat faster :)

2010. július 27., kedd

25 JULY 2010 21:00

Went out for the neighbourhood run, and for the first time timed it properly with my new watch :) 42 min for the 7.5-8 km.

24 JULY 2010

Did the J-workout, 3 X 10 min belly, legs and butt:)

20 JULY 2010

Went to Kravi Hora for a change. Swam 800 m-s but very leasurely, with 2 10 min suntan-breaks. But i was thinking id start a swimming regimen so i could get into the triathlon scene once again. Now all i need is a swimming suit and an expensive roadbike :)

2010. július 19., hétfő

19 JUL 2010 14:00

Back to the gym, all alone this time as D now works day shifts. Used it for running, and i better had, for my condition is down under the you know what. I can deal with that, though, because i still do train frequently, but because i keep it under an hour normally, the energy i burn isnt really missing that much (so i dont eat more) which in result brought a slight weight loss once again. Now im keeping a very nice weight while my bodyfat-percentage still keeps decreasing. Probably in a big part thanks to the karnitin and protein shakes too. Its been a while since i was so happy with my body (like, about never :))

So i did 10.2 km / ttl time 54:13 which included:
5000m @ 24:55 with the hundred intervals from 3000-5000 (14-11) - then 200m walk
then up to 7500m at 12.1km/h, again 200m walk
then up to 9000m running at 12.1-2 km/h, 200m walk
and a last 800m which i pushed from 12.1 to 15 km/h.

I had to put in the walking passes because i couldnt have kept the speed otherwise. I decided it was more important to a) be able to finish b)push some speed so i didnt mind it so much that i took so long. Another aspect was the fatburning too, the interval pass always is more tiring but helps a lot more so i stretched it to 2km.

15 JUL 2010 23:30

1 Garancs-round in PCs... but all alone because T had to go to bed so she could wake up at 6. Took about 30 min (maybe less) which made me pretty pleased about the tempo (not so much about fatburning).

2010. július 12., hétfő

10 JULY 2010 21:30

I did the Chrlice-Turany-Popelova round the other way around, same distance, same time. Perhaps a little easier.
Google maps say its about 7.6-8 km.

2010. július 7., szerda

05 JULY 2010 20:00

40 min of fit-box at home ... with Norbi of course :D
To be fair, no workout had made me so sore in a while :)

04 JULY 2010 13:15

After job i ran to Olympia to meet D & L :) Appr. 35 min, 6-6.5 km. Bad time due to incredible afternoon heat :)

01 JULY 2010 20:00

Turany round 45:00. Very nice, i felt like my condition finally improved a little.

29 JUNE 2010 14:00

Gym-day with D! We did a really fair load, spent 1:20-1:30 incl 20 min of hard spinning cardio (interval training with 1:15 sitting-0:45 standing) and then went on to our regular 2-2-2 plus managed to add one more leg exercise. We both pressed ourselves pretty much- raised the repetitions to 6x10 resp. 3x10. D also raised his weights considerably.

27 JUNE 2010 20:00

30 min of pure muscle workout (BBP) with my new DVD.

26 JUN 2010

Was looking forward to a Velencei tó swimming challenge for this saturday but it got canceled. Instead we returned home and i went out for a round to Turany in the evening. 45 min, about 8-8.5 km (hilly).

21 JUNE 2010 21:00

Spent a week in Hungary. Up the hill in Piliscsaba with D biking! :) We did the usual Garancs round. A good 40 min training.

2010. július 6., kedd

16 JUN 2010 14:00

A pleasant warmish dawn, than a stormy morning and at 14:00 it was sunny and hot. Stupid weather!! But anyway, i was determined to run home after work in any weather :) And so i did, got home in about 50-55 min. I guess its about 9-10 km.

18 JUN 2010

30 min muscle workout (BBP)
13 JUNI 2010 20:00

Went out to run the Turany-Popelova-Chrlice round. 45 min, appr. 8-8.5 km. Its hilly and very diverse which is nice :)

I dont quite remember the exact day but around the 14-15th i did the BBP workout in full (incl 30 min muscles and 15 cardio) for the first time.