2010. július 19., hétfő

19 JUL 2010 14:00

Back to the gym, all alone this time as D now works day shifts. Used it for running, and i better had, for my condition is down under the you know what. I can deal with that, though, because i still do train frequently, but because i keep it under an hour normally, the energy i burn isnt really missing that much (so i dont eat more) which in result brought a slight weight loss once again. Now im keeping a very nice weight while my bodyfat-percentage still keeps decreasing. Probably in a big part thanks to the karnitin and protein shakes too. Its been a while since i was so happy with my body (like, about never :))

So i did 10.2 km / ttl time 54:13 which included:
5000m @ 24:55 with the hundred intervals from 3000-5000 (14-11) - then 200m walk
then up to 7500m at 12.1km/h, again 200m walk
then up to 9000m running at 12.1-2 km/h, 200m walk
and a last 800m which i pushed from 12.1 to 15 km/h.

I had to put in the walking passes because i couldnt have kept the speed otherwise. I decided it was more important to a) be able to finish b)push some speed so i didnt mind it so much that i took so long. Another aspect was the fatburning too, the interval pass always is more tiring but helps a lot more so i stretched it to 2km.

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