2010. szeptember 21., kedd

20 SEP 2010 10AM

Went to the gym yday to time the 10k... but after just 4 i felt like my left knee would not take it any more. SInce i felt the same pain (just not so intense) 2 days before i thought, id push it on and itd go away like it did. But at 5000m (24:37, but i was planning to keep that speed up until 10k) i could just NOT take the pain any more. I stopped, stretched, bent it to every direction, tried to run again 3 times but it didnt get any better. So i had to give up... pretty frustrating. I almost broke down crying when i imagined i would have to cancel London. But then i went to the bikes instead, pushed myself for 15 min and then did most of my usual workout, and the knee was fine whatever i did but running/walking. So i figured i would take the remaining days off to rest and see if i can perhaps do a little running in London on friday evening - if not, i just hope it gets better for Sat. Im doing the race no matter what.

2010. szeptember 19., vasárnap

18 SEP 20:45

Did the same route as the day before, except i did the turnaround on both rounds with a loop on the bridge above the highway. I hit precisely the same time on the second round as the day before, which is 28 min and sth. TTL time 56 min, distance must have been over 10k.

Today is then a day off, and i go to time myself tomorrow morning in the gym.

2010. szeptember 18., szombat

17 SEP 2010 21:15

Yesterday I finally felt somewhat better so i took this very last moment to start a blitz-preparation for the WARR. The plan is to do 4 longer runs in the last 8 days, plus a short one in LON on the last afternoon. That means i must not take more than 3 days off two of which should be the last few days.

So i went out in the evening and did 50 min NET around the neighbourhood. Tried to find as flat a route as possible so i went off to the south then took the road down to the road towards Olympia, then up to Chrlicke Nam. and back up to Nadrazi - twice. Then i did 10 min situps with J, rather painful but sth had to be done for my stomach too. Today i have a similar plan, tho hopefully i can start somewhat earlier. Sunday i might have a break and then Mon-Tue, since i work late shifts, i can hit the gym.

I realize i will not be anywhere near topform for the 25th but the very least i can do is make sure i come in under 50 min at the race.

2010. szeptember 16., csütörtök

Dear Mr Murakami,

runner and writer,

i just got your Bible from my husband. It was in disguise, looked like a skinny paperback that, with your name on it as a reassurance, was promising no more than a few hours of -excellent- entertainment.
As solitary an activity as running might be, the sense of companionship your book offered me is inspiration and support at its best. I never thought anyone felt about running the way i do - but then i read What i talk about when i talk about running and it felt like You took my very thoughts and feelings on running, filtered out the crap, backed them up with 20 plus years experience, put a literary cap on it and they now lay before me on the table, clear as i never saw them. But then You say yourself (tho it makes one wonder how much of it is just modest courtesy) that writing helps you think clearer and understand things.

Thank You so much for coming out bravely with something so few people will understand - thank You for not being afraid of being labeled boring, obsessed even, which is what would no doubt happen to people with lesser literary power and most of all, thanks for making it so enjoyable and encouraging. My inspiration warehouse, lately rather ghostly, is bulking once again.

Though an enthusiastic reader of yours for years now, I had no idea You were running. In fact, this is quite funny, cause I remember wondering how the character Toru Okada wasn't getting terribly fat what with his lifestyle, that much cooking and eating late dinners and beers and doing absolutely nothing, save for a few occasions on which he went to swim... i remember thinking, as i was reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Murakami must have a typical guy's idea about metabolisms, as in, eat all you want and never bother about exercise. Now all is explained, his diet would have been completely reasonable if you add 36 miles of running a week... :))

I guess I am what You would call a runner suited for shorter distances - the whole heel-hitting ponytail swinging thing, but i feel that i am still in transition, that my running is just in its early bloom and i hope to see it thru to my own ultramarathon and ironman experiences. Who knows? I did my first half marathon (<5min/km) this year and it was difficult, but runnig has been rapidly getting easier and more natural for me as the months go. I will attempt my first marathon this november and if at 22 miles i feel i cant go on, i know i will think of your ultra - try to switch in machine mode and defy suffering in spite of the pain.

So a big thank You is the order of the day - please keep running so you can keep on writing so we can all enjoy your sparkling mind for a long time to come!

With lots of respect and friendly runners regards

helga baumann

13 SEP 2010 5AM

Took the blades to work, the usual 10 k or so. 45 min.
I am afraid this was one of the last few occasions i could do that, cause the leaves started falling and the road is getting messy.

Unfortunately somewhat later that same day i could already feel i would come down with a cold, which i did. Pretty hard too, lots of bad headaches, fever, was quite weak altogether. So no more workouts for a few days now...

12 SEP 2010 21:00

Norbi kickbox I. 45 min
10 SEP 2010 21:00

Pasternak, day 2, 25 min.

2010. szeptember 10., péntek

09 SEP 11:00

Gym. 6km running/ttl 30 min: 5 km sprint (2km intervals 2.5-4.5) and 1 relaxing. 5000m in 24:10. Gotta improve that at least 30 sec until DUB...
15 min biking with the usual 45-1:15 intervals. Weights with generally heavier weights and less repeats, eg. leg pushes 4*10 with 60 kg - arm pulldowns 15-20-15 kg *10 reps - belly with 35kg*10 reps 5 sets with 10reps on back exchanged. ETC
TTL time about 1:15.

2010. szeptember 8., szerda

05 SEP 10:00

Nike Budapest Halfmarathon! Shared with T, team Vakeger :))
I did my part, 13.9 km in 1:08:57. Total time 1:46.
Made 10th place!!

01 SEP

Ran to olympia onto the bikeroad up to the 3km sign and back. Made 42 min.

29 AUG 19:00

Ran to Turany but instead of the normal round i turned back at 20 min sharp. back and forth 40 min.

28 AUG 20:00

Pasternak day1. 25 min.

24 AUG 05:15

Skates to job again, a little slower this time ( somehow... 45 min)

20 AUG

Celebrated St Stephans day with running to job :46:50min
Then after work i went to the gym for an hour of workout:
12 min on the stepmill, 14:30 bike and the usual weights. About an hour ttl.

The days after i could tell with certainty that such a combo is more effective than separate days. Will try to do it like that a couple more times before winter comes...

18 AUG 21:00

Did the second day exercise from Pasternaks DVD. Very effective, again! Big time pain in my legs and arms.

16 AUG 05:15

Took the rollerblades to job before my early4 shift: 41 min quite intensive cardio and fun :)

15 AUG

Once home, i did the new fitness dvd i got with my german Fit for Fun. Harley Pasternak has a new 5 pillar program and this was the exercise for the 1st day: 25 min. Surprisingly effective!
The guy is a complete idiot, tho, with a lame sense of humour and too in-your-face gay.

12 AUG

Woke in the Rockies NP and did two short hikes (each about 2 km) in the morning mist. We then drove thru the highest mountain pass in North America (about 12000 feet) where even breathing was an exercise :) I wished i had time to run but i didnt :( We had to fly off in the afternoon.
On our way to the airport we dropped by the famous Grudge Gym:) I got a photo with Jennifer Berg who was hanging around when we got in. Bought us some cool shirts too and off to the airport we went...

11 AUG 2010

Got to Glenwood springs where we bathed in the famous thermal pools.
Saw Durango (the narrowgauge railway) and ended up in the Rocky Mountain NP in the evening. Given the elevation and a change in weather the night brought a fall-like chill with it but i was determined to swim in the Grand lake never the less. It must have been 22pm by the time i got to the shore and it took quite a bit of determination to go in. It was ICE cold too. Swam 12 mins which under the circumstances was pretty brave :) Could hardly breath in the water. Than we slept in the car but my body didnt warm up the whole night in spite of the fat sleeping bag and warm clothes.

10 AUG 2010


We reached the Canyonlands National Park the night before, slept in the car and woke early. Went for a short hike of 1.5 km, then in the car and on we drove.

Reached the Arches NP around midday and decided to do a longer hike. 4.8 km but steep up the hill and that in a deadly midday heat. But the Delicate Arch was certainly worth it! After that we did one more shorter hike of maybe a km or so to the Windows.

All in all quite a nice hiking day :)

9 AUG 2010

Drove thru Monument Valley, passed Shiprock and Mexican Hatrock, and some more, and it was already after sunset that we reached a little lake right out of Blanding which i spotted on the map and was hoping to swim a bit in. It was indeed a lovely little lake (tho lots of mosquitos) and i got a good 20-25 min swim. SO refreshing after such a hot day!