2010. szeptember 18., szombat

17 SEP 2010 21:15

Yesterday I finally felt somewhat better so i took this very last moment to start a blitz-preparation for the WARR. The plan is to do 4 longer runs in the last 8 days, plus a short one in LON on the last afternoon. That means i must not take more than 3 days off two of which should be the last few days.

So i went out in the evening and did 50 min NET around the neighbourhood. Tried to find as flat a route as possible so i went off to the south then took the road down to the road towards Olympia, then up to Chrlicke Nam. and back up to Nadrazi - twice. Then i did 10 min situps with J, rather painful but sth had to be done for my stomach too. Today i have a similar plan, tho hopefully i can start somewhat earlier. Sunday i might have a break and then Mon-Tue, since i work late shifts, i can hit the gym.

I realize i will not be anywhere near topform for the 25th but the very least i can do is make sure i come in under 50 min at the race.

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