2011. február 23., szerda

week 7 / 6-12 FEB

Weekly TTL: 41 KM

07 FEB 06:50 AM
8.5km in 43min. Av. speed 05'04''/km.
Turany-Popelova, a good hilly run for the morning before the family would wake up :)

10 FEB 20PM
20km in 1:43:30. Average speed 05'10''/km.
I was planning this long run in the gym but it fell thru so i went out around the 'hood. At night. And it was easy and lovely and the weather was fine too. First time without a jumper this year, just a lite jacket and capris.

12 FEB
12.5 km in 59 min. (or maybe more - i cant remember if the ipod was alright). Average speed 04'45''/km
Intervals in the gym:
10 min warmup @11.5
3 min sprint @14 / 1 min jogging at 10 - 3 min sprint @15.2 / 1 min jogging at 10
3min sprint @14.9 / 1 min jogging at 10 - 3min sprint @14.6 / 1 min jogging at 10
10 min cooldown @11.5
20 min @12.5
3min sprint @14.3 / 1 min jogging at 10

Then i did some workout as always.

2011. február 12., szombat

My Marathon Preparation Week 1

This is how its supposed to look then, the first week of my 12-week preparation plan:
(As taken from runnersworld.de)
20.2 - 26.2  34 km
20. SUN Pause /Alternativ training
21. MON langer Lauf Dist: 16 km in 5:40 min/km
22. TUE Pause /Alternativ training
23. WED leichter Lauf Dist: 9.6 km in 5:40 min/km
24. THU Pause /Alternativ training
25. FRI Tempo-dauerlauf Dist: 8 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 4.8 km in 4:45 min/km; Auslaufen
26. SAT Pause /Alternativtraining

Looks easy-peasy. Maybe i should have chosen a more serious plan...?

2011. február 11., péntek

week 6 / 5-11 FEB

Weekly total: 35.5km

05 FEB 1:30PM
~7km in ~35min
Ran to Olympia after work. The stupid ipod kept dying on me for some reason so i had to stop 3 times and it stole me a few km-s as well. But at least i took the opportunity to calibrate it.

07 FEB 6:30AM
8.5km in 43min
Went out for a quick round around on the Turany-Popelova route.  Waking up wasnt necessarily pleasant but it certainly was worth it. I just love it to start my day with a run. There are just about a dozen great things about it... but as the weather improves slowly i must say the most significant of those good things becomes the peace and suburban neatness around that fills me up with positive energy and smoothes out my thoughts. It works in the winter too but not as well. And then of course starting into the day with minus 600kcal isnt too bad either :)

09 FEB 18:00PM
40min cardio
I had a gym daye scheduled with K (and planned to do the long run) but had to cancel as L fell sick and i had to stay home with her. I was itching for a run but all i got was the chance for a lousy indoors workout so i took the kickbox pt1 and swang it good. I just remember how it used to make me really sweat and pant before and i wonder if my conditioning is so much better now or maybe im doing it wrong... cause it feels way too short and easy.

10FEB 20:20PM
20km in 1:43min
I was planning to go to the gym but i pulled time until it was too late so i was forced to conduct the long run on the streets. But as the weather was really mild even in the evening it turned out a lot better than i expected. I wore the capris and only a light jacket for the first time this year. I went first down the road as if to pass the highway but turned back to the village instead and than up and around Popelova and Turany (the opposite direction as usually) and then once more aroun the village and up until Holasky, then back home. I stopped after the first round to hydrate (D brought my isostar down) shortly but it didnt feel like i actually needed it and all in all it all just felt too easy and nice for 20kms. At an average speed of 5:10/km it made me wonder...

2011. február 6., vasárnap

week 5, 29JAN-04FEB

Weekly TTL: 36.7 km

29 JAN 5:00 AM
8.7km in 45 min. Ran to work for an early shift on a cruel icy cold morning. It was excrutiating to just bend the legs.

31 JAN 13:45 AM
A very short visit to the small gym after work. 30 min cardio: 10 steps, 10 intervals on the bike, 10 crosstrainer steep upwards. 25 min workout including some machines i dont use lately.

01 FEB 11:45 AM
The long run on the treadmill: 20,3 km in 1:45min at a steady 11.5/11.6 pace up until 16 and the last 4.3 km at race-pace. 20km in 1:42:30. I again felt like speeding up all the time, maybe next time i do a little faster general pace. Stupid reciever got disconnected in my pocket so I lost 1.5 km-s on the nike site.

03 FEB 14:45 PM
Did the Turany-Popelova round (pretty hilly) after a loooong time, 8.7 km in 43 min. Quite nice for a change.

2011. február 2., szerda

January sum-up, new layout

What a month! My new shoes are 158.5 km closer to being thrown. In addition i worked out quite a bit, if a used off gym-pass and an almost empty box of protein powder are any indication. My weight has remained the same, in fact i might have put on a half kg or so, but i can safely say it isnt fat.  Anyway, just one more week and im starting my marathon training so i am not worried about my weight for the next 3 months at least :) In fact i look forward to an all time low *hopes high*

Bad news, i didnt get the PIM sponsorship. But i can deal with that, i will apply for one with my company again, maybe they make it a habit to send me to ASCA. This year its in Koppenhagen, we havent ever been so itd be cool, plus it might be the ideal starting point for a trip to Greenland if we get the money together until May. D would love that.

I have a new layout and ive decided to make my blog a real blog, not just for storing training records but possibly making running acquaintances :) So to begin, here is a shout out to my fellow running chics in the CZ: do you exist? Show yourselves!

And one thing at last, huge thanks to D for my new banner! Tell me it doesnt rock :)