2011. február 6., vasárnap

week 5, 29JAN-04FEB

Weekly TTL: 36.7 km

29 JAN 5:00 AM
8.7km in 45 min. Ran to work for an early shift on a cruel icy cold morning. It was excrutiating to just bend the legs.

31 JAN 13:45 AM
A very short visit to the small gym after work. 30 min cardio: 10 steps, 10 intervals on the bike, 10 crosstrainer steep upwards. 25 min workout including some machines i dont use lately.

01 FEB 11:45 AM
The long run on the treadmill: 20,3 km in 1:45min at a steady 11.5/11.6 pace up until 16 and the last 4.3 km at race-pace. 20km in 1:42:30. I again felt like speeding up all the time, maybe next time i do a little faster general pace. Stupid reciever got disconnected in my pocket so I lost 1.5 km-s on the nike site.

03 FEB 14:45 PM
Did the Turany-Popelova round (pretty hilly) after a loooong time, 8.7 km in 43 min. Quite nice for a change.

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