2010. június 27., vasárnap

7 JUNE 2010 15:00

Protein shake

D and i decided to try the gym again :) We went 12 min on the spinning bikes and while i did the steps for another 13 D did the normal bike. Then we did the normal round on the machines: 2 for each body part, 6 ttl, with 5-6 x 10 repeats. Obviously D uses bigger wgts than i do :) But thats fine. Stretching inlc we spent about 1 h and then while D went out shopping i did another 20 min / 4 km on the treadmill which was pretty difficult after all the muscle workout.

18 MAY - 6 JUN

Really stupid of me to let down my journal like i did! Now that i tried to put the happenings together from the retrospective, i found myself unable to construct even an approximate summary. Fact is:
I didnt get holiday so i had to skip the JP Morgan chase. The cancellation of the DUB coupled up with this pretty much discouraged me and since i also hit the lowest of my weight in years i kinda let myself a little off the hook. But not totally!
Fact is: The gym pass i bought in the beginning of may got another 2-3 occasions crossed out and since D didnt come with me again, it must have been me alone. I remember 2 occasions in particular on which i tried to run at speed and was pretty disappointed at my lack of condition. Of course workouts included strength strings too as they always do.
Fact is that i remember running home from job once after an early shift, which gives me a good 50 min/9-10 km.
And fact is that i went out for a 45 min run in the neighborhood which i only know because i timed it with my ipod and i have the records. So i guess i could say i did 1.5-2 trainings a week.

17 MAY 2010 6:15

Leonardo Hotel, FRA
A hurried 35 min on the treadmill in the hotels gym. Since it was a shit treadmill with no option to pause i cant tell the distance but about 7,1 km. Then it was time to get showered, dressed and made up and off to the interview i went.

16 MAY 2010 17:00

Damn the stupid volcano!! The ASCA Cross was cancelled because the Irish airspace got closed again for a day or two, and because the team of Icelandair had no chance to get out of their country. So they rescheduled but the date isnt set yet... Im afraid i wont be LH anymore by then (since the talk is about October).

Altho the airspace was open again, we decided to go to Malta, Valletta instead (half hoping that Dublin would still come) which turned out to be a wonderful idea: altho just 2 short days, we managed to watch most of whats compulsory for a first time visitor and D insisted to make time for a run on the beach for me :) A WONDERFUL scenery, in fact so inspiring that if i was to live next to one such, i think id run every single day :) Unfortunately we had to hurry big time because check-out was due very soon, so i only got 25 min on the shore and another 5 back to the hotel. We still jumped into the pool fast, but only to cool down.. 15 min later we already sat in the cab on the way to the airport and 3 hours later we were back in FRA where we were to overnight in the fancy **** Leonardo Airport Hotel :)

10. MAY 2010 20:00

2 days after the race and i kind of felt like running again - that and i knew i had to improve my speed because the next 2 races would be around the 5km. So i went out to the Aa See and D accompanied me on the bike :) We had a wonderful time, chatting when my breath allowed, and after 1 round around the lake we headed for the St Paul ententeich and D's elementary school and then we ran home on the route he used to take to and from school for many years :) It must have been around 40min total, out of which the first 30min were really intense (fast as i could).
But more important than that, it was our first common athletic activity and i do hope the beginning of a nice tradition :)

2010. június 13., vasárnap

Bocholt City Lauf

08 MAY 19:00
Bocholt, Germany

Just a day after the 12 in MUC i once again found myself at the startline of a 10km race and this one was but an Ehrensache for me, spouse to a Bocholter and a devoted fan of the town :) so there was no way to take it easy. Tired and a little out of shape as i might have been, and the first km having SUCKED what with the narrow streets and the crowd before me, i still managed to run an acceptable time, 0:49:42. That put me on the 7th place in the WHK category which was a bit of a disappointment but could have been worse. D insists i write that he was very proud of me :) And i know he was. The family came out to support me and L made sure i had a smile every round i passed by her:)

MUC Airport Lauf

07. MAY 17:00

So the big day has come!! D, L and i set out for MUC (flew AirDolomiti and were very pleased with it) . The trip sucked because we had to take a nighttrain to Prague and then slept very little in total and i was afraid the sleep deprivation would affect my running but i was pleasantly disappointed. Anyway, we watched some stuff downtown MUC (climbed the scary St. Peters church-tower and had some horse-sausage from the Pferdemetzgerei, and then Laugenbraetzel and D Weizen of course) before heading for the MUC airport visitor park. Met O. and picked up a fancy LH running shirt for free :) and then the official running shirt of the day plus some freebies (energy drinks, shower gels, food vouchers, etc). Met S and R soon after arriving, hung out a little, got introduced to some more collegues.

I was really quite scared i would suffer on the 12 since i was really out of shape, or so i thought. But after the 4km border (i admit that wasnt too pleasant) it all got easier and eventually i could even enjoy the route which led thru fields, lots of dirtroads and asphalt as well. Lots of LH thsirts passed me and i passed a few as well, and everyone was friendly and the athmosphere really nice. On the last km or 2 i even speeded up a bit and managed to make a pretty good time: 58:14 on 12 km. That put me on the 4th position among all women and gained me a silver in the WHK category. Upon arriving in the finish we were all immediately spoiled with icecream, freshly squeezed fruit juices (yummy!), melones, apples, bananas, isodrinks, whatever an athletes heart can desire :) And then the real fun started! A big tent was erected and a band played on the stage while we redeemed our free food and drink vouchers for all kinds of Bavarian delicatesse such as a huge white sausage with a mountain of potatosalad and Kraut and of course a Weizen once more for D. Meanwhile the Siegerehrung commenced (S and R both won in their age categories, to nooones surprise) and i was evventually called on stage to take my Pokal :) L came up with me and prompted big ovations from all runners :)

But then it was time to take off so we could catch our connex to DUS. I will upload some photos tomorrow, promise!!