2010. június 27., vasárnap

18 MAY - 6 JUN

Really stupid of me to let down my journal like i did! Now that i tried to put the happenings together from the retrospective, i found myself unable to construct even an approximate summary. Fact is:
I didnt get holiday so i had to skip the JP Morgan chase. The cancellation of the DUB coupled up with this pretty much discouraged me and since i also hit the lowest of my weight in years i kinda let myself a little off the hook. But not totally!
Fact is: The gym pass i bought in the beginning of may got another 2-3 occasions crossed out and since D didnt come with me again, it must have been me alone. I remember 2 occasions in particular on which i tried to run at speed and was pretty disappointed at my lack of condition. Of course workouts included strength strings too as they always do.
Fact is that i remember running home from job once after an early shift, which gives me a good 50 min/9-10 km.
And fact is that i went out for a 45 min run in the neighborhood which i only know because i timed it with my ipod and i have the records. So i guess i could say i did 1.5-2 trainings a week.

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