2010. június 13., vasárnap

Bocholt City Lauf

08 MAY 19:00
Bocholt, Germany

Just a day after the 12 in MUC i once again found myself at the startline of a 10km race and this one was but an Ehrensache for me, spouse to a Bocholter and a devoted fan of the town :) so there was no way to take it easy. Tired and a little out of shape as i might have been, and the first km having SUCKED what with the narrow streets and the crowd before me, i still managed to run an acceptable time, 0:49:42. That put me on the 7th place in the WHK category which was a bit of a disappointment but could have been worse. D insists i write that he was very proud of me :) And i know he was. The family came out to support me and L made sure i had a smile every round i passed by her:)

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