2010. április 17., szombat

13 APR 2010 11:00
1 karnitin shot before
1 protein shake after

So as decided, i did try running and it was just fine! Alright, it was a little strange at first and a bit painful but i got over it and then enjoyed it big time :) God i missed running. I did 6.2 km, i thought that would be alright for the first time. I timed 5.6 which is the distance of the JPCC and got 27:30. I did take it quite easy so i know i can do a lot better than this when i try. So i did 30 min on the treadmill, than 12 on the steps and 8 spinning. That is 50 min of cardio. Followed by 30 mins weights, did all my usual exercises but benchlifting, nothing hurt really.

15 APR 2010 11:00
1karnitin shot before
1 protein shake after

7.3 km on the treadmill, 5.6 at 27:10 - again, i didnt push myself to the limit. Ttl of 37 min incl warmup and cooldown. 10 min on the steps and 9 spinning. 51 min cardio ttl. 35 min on the weights, all the usual exercises incl benchlifting. I do the twister stomach exercise with 20 kg now and only 3 sets on each side. Likewise i raised the weight for the leg press, i do the first 5 series with 40/45 kg and put 60 for the last set of ten.

I have the feeling that 3 weeks of rest is something you should do time to time, like every half year... it has done me good, and my shape doesnt seem to have deterioriated, judging from the ease i run with. I think i will be able to get my speed up again until the 7th of may.

2010. április 11., vasárnap

big news!

Im in the ASCA Cross Auswahlmannschaft!! R invited me, and P was also happy to have me join the team. Going to Dublin on the 15th of may - my first country cross, i am very excited! The team consists of really fast people. The great thing about it is, D comes too because we incorporated a Dublin weekend in our annual spring trip (this time Sarajevo - Dubrovnik - Dublin) and he even likes the idea :) So its gonna be lovely. I ought to start training tho, because i only have about a month to get back in shape...

09 APR 21:00
1 karnitin shot

Did 25 on thee steps again and 10 spinning (exhausting!!). Tried to stand on the bike but had to sit back often. I did my belly and leg exercises this time, no problems at all. I even did the benchlifting, tho that was a bit premature i think. But anyway, im fine and i will try jogging this tuesday :)

back on track

Ok, so i have more or less recovered and decided i would start training, if lightly first but never the less. I dont see a reason why i shouldnt when im really fine. This little rest didnt do me bad, tho, i lost 2 more kg-s and mostly fat! And the whole deal was a 100 times worth it, i had no idea such miracles were doable. I feel reborn, like a completely new person! But now back to work before i get lazy again. The MUC AirportLauf and the Bocholt Citylauf are drawing near and i dont want to disappoint (myself). Ah, übrigens - i made the Lufthanseat article, tho barely: neither my time nor my position is mentioned (but my name and location).

6 APR 12:00
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AS i cant run yet but still wanted to do cardio, i went 25 min on the stepper, bloody difficult!! Wa sweating like a pig. 15 min on the bike, much the same. Then i just did my leg exercises and went out after 50 min of workout ttl (had to rush to job). But i must face the fact that i got out of shape, its been 18 days without any kind of sports after all. So 50 is alright.