2010. április 11., vasárnap

back on track

Ok, so i have more or less recovered and decided i would start training, if lightly first but never the less. I dont see a reason why i shouldnt when im really fine. This little rest didnt do me bad, tho, i lost 2 more kg-s and mostly fat! And the whole deal was a 100 times worth it, i had no idea such miracles were doable. I feel reborn, like a completely new person! But now back to work before i get lazy again. The MUC AirportLauf and the Bocholt Citylauf are drawing near and i dont want to disappoint (myself). Ah, übrigens - i made the Lufthanseat article, tho barely: neither my time nor my position is mentioned (but my name and location).

6 APR 12:00
1 karnitin shot

AS i cant run yet but still wanted to do cardio, i went 25 min on the stepper, bloody difficult!! Wa sweating like a pig. 15 min on the bike, much the same. Then i just did my leg exercises and went out after 50 min of workout ttl (had to rush to job). But i must face the fact that i got out of shape, its been 18 days without any kind of sports after all. So 50 is alright.

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