2010. április 17., szombat

13 APR 2010 11:00
1 karnitin shot before
1 protein shake after

So as decided, i did try running and it was just fine! Alright, it was a little strange at first and a bit painful but i got over it and then enjoyed it big time :) God i missed running. I did 6.2 km, i thought that would be alright for the first time. I timed 5.6 which is the distance of the JPCC and got 27:30. I did take it quite easy so i know i can do a lot better than this when i try. So i did 30 min on the treadmill, than 12 on the steps and 8 spinning. That is 50 min of cardio. Followed by 30 mins weights, did all my usual exercises but benchlifting, nothing hurt really.

15 APR 2010 11:00
1karnitin shot before
1 protein shake after

7.3 km on the treadmill, 5.6 at 27:10 - again, i didnt push myself to the limit. Ttl of 37 min incl warmup and cooldown. 10 min on the steps and 9 spinning. 51 min cardio ttl. 35 min on the weights, all the usual exercises incl benchlifting. I do the twister stomach exercise with 20 kg now and only 3 sets on each side. Likewise i raised the weight for the leg press, i do the first 5 series with 40/45 kg and put 60 for the last set of ten.

I have the feeling that 3 weeks of rest is something you should do time to time, like every half year... it has done me good, and my shape doesnt seem to have deterioriated, judging from the ease i run with. I think i will be able to get my speed up again until the 7th of may.

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  1. P: I'm doing the big time: http://www.bioparksociety.org/runforthezoo

    Bahahahaha! :) Will post times.

    Also, am doing it in these shoes: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/products_KSO_f.cfm

    I am not joking.

  2. Cool!! How did it go?! Whats your time?

    As to the shoes: i LOVE them!! Which colour have you got? Is it comfortable? I really find them quite cool, i dunno what V was talking about :)