2010. május 6., csütörtök

Ok, i havent posted in a looong time, but it doesnt mean i didnt train, of course :) Had other issues to deal with and training might have come a bit shorter than ideal but i did some.

And today i had some serious news at job! They finally decided to sponsor me!! I got an adidas gymshirt for a "luckbringer" - its very pretty :) And if DUB takes place (stupid volcano!!) they will pay my registration fee of a 120 EUR plus i can spend 150 EUR on sportswear!! They would have sponsored my fligths as well but the LSV does that already. In the end all i have to pay is the hotel :)) It came just in the very last moment, i completely didnt expect anything any more. Its a great feeling. Thanks P!!

protein shake

I unfortunately dont remember what i exactly did on that day, all i know is that i tried to run a 10 km and was very disappointed that i couldnt reach my normal speed. I stopped at 8, i think. I know i worked out but i cant tell what i did. It was a desaster.

I had a run about the neighbourhood, appr. 45-50 min netto, maybe 8-9 km.

I ran home from job after nightshift, thats a 52 min run, appr. 10 km.

protein shake

Went to the gym with D!! Did 9 km on the treadmill, very very slow, i dunno whats wrong with me. 45:45. Worked out as usual, and so did D. A total of 1:30.

no karnitin
protein shake

Gym again, and i didnt speed up a lot. 10 km in 50:30, sux!! What am i gonna do in MUC, Bocholt and DUB?! It seems like i lost lots of condition. Worked out anyway quite long, i spent 1:40 or so.

Tonight we are off to PRG and tomorrow morning to MUC so wish me luck :)
I will report from there :)

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