2011. március 26., szombat

Marathon training - WEEK 5

Huh, i just managed to save the week in its last 3 days (for the price of 2 toenails), very happy to be able to say this. I stupidly kept pushing the first run of the week ahead of me... Sunday i thought was a rightful off day, but i didnt have time on monday as i overslept in the morning and only had 50 min in the afternoon in the small gym where the treadmills suck. I told myself it was ok i was gonna do it on tuesday but this aggressive, terrible food poisoning (or virus?) swooped me off my feet like all hell and from this one day of vomiting and no energy intake i went so week i totally couldnt do any running on wednesday either altho i was not techically sick any more. And i got really miserable because i really needed the long run plus there was this race we were planning to go with K and L for so long. But on thursday i got my act together and the weather cooperated too, so i did my first sleeveless run of the year on the way home from work and ticked the speed training, then i went to the gym in the morning and completed the long run and then we went to the race and i figured it would do for the casual run. So altho im missing 1.2 km i am very happy with how it turned out and am looking forward to the next week! I am almost out of the caughing and can feel my shape return slowly.

20.3 - 26.3   43 km planned - 41.8 km done

20 SUN Pause / Alternativ training
21 MON langer Lauf Dist: 28.8 km in 5:37 min/km
Alternativ training: 30 min cardio plus 20 min strengthening in the gym
22 TUE Pause / Alternativ training
Pause (wanted to run this day but fell sick, vomited my brains out. Spent the second half of it in bed burning up with no food or drink at all.
23 WED leichter Lauf Dist: 3.2 km in 5:37 min/km
Pause (recovery at home)
24 THU Pause / Alternativ training
11.7 km home from work. As perscribed for the next day except: i was still weak from the vomiting and the intervals seemed they would never end so i pussied out and did the following: 2 km warmup - 1.3 km fast - 600m walk - 1.4 km fast - 700m walk - 1.4 fast - 600 walk - 700 fast - 500 walk - 2.5 km jogging home.
25 FRI Tempo-läufe Dist: 11.2 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 3 x 1600 m in 7:09 minmit 800 m Trabpause; Auslaufen (=2km warmup, 3 x 1600 in 13.7 km/h mit 800 m trabpause, 2 km cooldown)
25.6 km in 2h:15min. 11.6 up to 20, then 2.5 km racepace than back to 11.5 and i even had to put in two 30 sec walking pauses for drinking and wiping cause i was really very miserable towards the end.
26 SAT Pause / Alternativ training
4.5 km. 3.2 at racepace (at the Beh Luzankami) and the rest just warmup jogging.

2011. március 23., szerda

Marathon training - WEEK 4

This week worked out more or less, although the long run had to be compromised a little as i had the race in FRA. But i guess the fact that i did it all while pretty sick makes it an ok achievement.

13.3 - 19.3     42 km planned / 41.5km done
13 SUN Pause /Alternativ training
Frankfurter LH Halbmarathon, 21km in 1:46, ttl 22 km incl warmup. Bad time due to illness and lungs full of schleim.
14 MON langer Lauf Dist: 25.6 km in 5:40 min/km
15 TUE Pause / Alternativ training
16 WED leichter Lauf Dist: 6.4 km in 5:40 min/km
9.5 km in 50 min, 5:14 min/km (ran home from work, took it easy as still sick and caughing)
17 THU Pause / Alternativ training
18 FRI Tempo- dauerlauf Dist: 9.6 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 6.4 km in 4:48 min/km; Auslaufen
Alternativ training: 30 min strengthening (BBP)
19 SAT Pause / Alternativ training
10 km in 48min, 4:49 min/km. Intervals on the treadmill: 10 min warmup at 11.6km/h, then 5 units, each cons. of 3 min at 14.5km/h and 1 min jog at 10km/h, then 10 min cooldown at 11.6km/h, then 1.7 km at racepace 12.6km/h. After this 30 min workout with some additions to the regular routine such as leg presses and sideways torso-lifts.

2011. március 16., szerda

9th Frankfurter Lufthansa Halbmarathon - the second coming

13 March 2011

So this didnt exactly go as planned... Went there sick like a horse, wasnt even sure i should run but i did anyway. Somehow i convinced myself this caughing and cold wouldnt have to effect my running if i didnt want it. Boy i was in for a surprise.  Started with the 1:39 pacer and for the first few km-s was alright but soon had to realize my performance wasnt going to be as expected. As the km-s piled on every single one of them took a little longer than the last one. At some point it felt like a HUuuuuge challenge to even keep running. I just couldnt believe it: my slow training runs where i always had to hold back were faster and appr. 100 times easier than this! But the best is, i got such SOOORE legs afterwards like i had run really fast. I just dont get it. I kept adjusting my time goal as i advanced and for the longest time i told myself id bring it under1:45 and that'd be alright for a sick man but i even had to disappoint myself with that. I was devastated.

But then Sandra and Michael came altho they both couldnt run and they cheered me up totally! We hung around for a while, i stood in for the group photos with Walter the oberste Kommunikationschef and Sprecher who was sporting the fancy Munchen Olympics 2018 propaganda shirt and bag (id like me some of those)

 and then Juergen shot a few pix of me with Martin Oser (the fastest Lufthanseat and the crazy guy who just did the Empire State Building run).

I picked up a pretty shirt and wore it immediately - even managed to get one for Kasia. I ate a cake and coffee too for charity, unfortunately made  the same mistake as last year (!) when choosing the darkest cake that looked like chocolate thru and thru but was in truth just a dry plain kakao mass. Of course i only remembered it after i payed :( But the coffee was good.

Got on the 16:40 to PRG and got home still on a human time. I was so exhausted i fell asleep on the plane, a and the bus, of course.

Marathon training - WEEK 3

This week i wont be able to do the long run because i am trying to save my strength for sunday the 13th of March when i run the halfmarathon in FRA! But this is alright as i got my period (after 5 months) for real and i am a complete wreck. But i really dont even mind. I will just run as much as i can without losing energy and next week i get back on track. I have outdone myself last week anyway.

6.3 - 12.3    38 km planned - 14.2 completed

06 SUN Pause /Alternativ training
07 MON langer Lauf Dist: 22.4 km in 5:40 min/km
5 km in 05:06 min/km (morning run to work, halfway)
08 TUE Pause / Alternativ training
09 WED leichter Lauf Dist: 8 km in 5:40 min/km
9.2 in 4:56 min/km
speedwork on the treadmill: 2km warmup at 11.6 km/h, 5.5 km race pace at 12.6-7-8 km/h, 2 km cooldown at 11.6. I was extremely weak (1st day of the period) so i did fine for that. 25 min workout afterwards.
10 THU Pause / Alternativ training
11 FRI Tempo- dauerlauf Dist: 8 km, inkl.Aufwärmen; 4.8 km in 4:45 min/km; Auslaufen
Pause. I really wanted to go out for one more session but sickness and weakness put me off of my feet against all my best intentions.
12 SAT Pause / Alternativ training

2011. március 9., szerda

Marathon training - WEEK 2

Again, got off to the wrong foot as i couldnt resist one more run with T in the hills. It was def. worth a lot more tho than 10.6 would be on a treadmill.  I guess we could call this one the casual run.

Anyway, altho not the right days, i did all the units with the right distances that were planned plus one more causal run, just all mixed up.

27.2 - 05.3 ttl 37 km planned - 46.7 km actual

27 SUN Pause /Alternativ training
Instead 10.6 in 6:10 min/km, on T's extreme muddy hilly round. 15 min workout with B afterw
28 MON Langer Lauf Dist: 19.2 km in 5:40 min/km
Pause instead
01 TUE Pause / Alternativ training
Instead 8 km speedwork in 5:19 min/km1.6km warmup - 1km sprint at 14 km/h. It killed me! Had to slow down afterwards and couldnt really keep a good speed long tho i tried. Suffered thru the rest of the 8 with pure heart. Then i worked out 15 min
02 WED leichter Lauf Dist: 9.6 kmin 5:40 min/km
Pause instead
03 THU Pause /Alternativ training
19.1 km in ave. 5:05 min/km on the treadmill, last 5 km at racespeed
04 FRI Tempo-läufe Dist: 8 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 2 x 1600 m in 7:13 min mit 800 m Trabpause; Auslaufen
Pause instead
05 SAT Pause / Alternativtraining
9km in 05:05 min/km (home from work, casual)

Marathon Training - WEEK 1

So it finally officially started! This week i got off on the wrong foot on account of my b-day trip and because i absolutely had to run on my birthday but had little time for it. But then it got worse because i went home for the end of the week and just couldn't get the long run in. I dont think i did too bad tho, i substituted it with two VERY demanding hillruns with T. Especially the first one, altho only 12 km sth felt more difficult than some of the long runs on the treadmill lately.  So lets see:

20.2 - 26.2
34 km planned - 35.3 km actual

20. SUN Pause /Alternativ training
21. MON langer Lauf Dist: 16 km in 5:40 min/km
8 km in 5:25 min/km in Karlovy Vary early in the morning
22. TUE Pause /Alternativ training
23. WED leichter Lauf Dist: 9.6 km in 5:40 min/km
instead i did 10 km speedwork on the treadmill in 4:49 min/km(10 min warmup 5:15 min/km - 5 interval units 3min-1min 3x15km/h-2x14.5 km/h - 10min cooldown  5:15 min/km - 18 min at race speed 12.5 - 6 min cooldown.)
24. THU Pause /Alternativ training
instead i ran 5.1 km in 04:51 min/km to work (nightshift) in extreme cold conditions.
25. FRI Tempo-dauerlauf Dist: 8 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 4.8 km in 4:45 min/km; Auslaufen
Pause instead
26. SAT Pause /Alternativtraining
Instead i did a longer hilly run, very challenging, 12.2 km in 5:55 min/km

2011. március 2., szerda

The perfect B-day run : Karlovy Vary :)

20-21 FEB
8km in 43 min.
D decided to take us to Karlovy Vary for my b-day, it was something we had been planning for ages and i loved the idea! It turned out to be the perfect trip too, save for the freezing temperatures. We took the bus (over 4 hours ttl), had breakfast in PRG and we arrived in K.V. around midday. We checked into Villa Basileia, a very nice and budget place that exceeded all expectations but those for a nice breakfast. Did some sightseeing after arrival, went to swim in a thermal pool, drank different thermal curing waters and ate fresh oplatkis. We fell asleep relatively early, deadly tired after a long but really nice day.
The next morning i woke at 6 and went out running. I mapped a scenic wandering route the evening before but i got lost and of course never made it. I came up to the pretty orthodox church:

 but that was the last point i could identify on my route so after some futile searching for non-existent streets i took the incentive and just ran around the town basically. Aside from the church i came up on a pretty column from which i had an impressive view on the sleepy town

 and then ran back on the fancy paved streets of the old town. Made a loop on the right side of the canal, starting from the grand hotel Pupp, along the canal i ran and soon joined a red trail for a km or 2. Then i turned back and took the bridge to the right side and soon was home.

Then we had breakfast and spent the better part of the day doing more bathing, sightseeing, oplatky eating and water tasting until it was time to take the bus home. The way home was pretty adventurous but we made it :) A wonderful trip with the perfect birthday run is how it shall be remembered :)

week 8, 13-19 FEB - last week before the marathon training begins!

Weekly ttl: 42.5km

15 FEB 5:15AM
9.2km in 45:50 - Average speed 5'/ km
To work before an e5. Went pretty easy. I recalibrated the sensor on the run before in the gym and it now obviously exaggerates  - this is the same route that used to be 8.5km or so.

17 FEB 14:45PM
10.2 km in 51min - Average speed 5'/km (plus 1 km slow with L)
The day D and J went to PRG to watch Sparta-Liverpool. I walked them to the Hotel Grand and tafter work then ran home from there following the route of the 40 (more or less). It was really very nice weather and the route, altho a bit busy and smoggy, refreshing. I especially enjoyed the part from Popelova, it was sunny, cheerful and suburban. I went around a bit exploring Turany in an effort to stretch the run a little and then rolled down the hill in the best of moods. Caught L just on time and took her out to run a round too. Course she dropped on her knees twice and became miserable so we cut it short and stopped after exactly 1 km.

19 FEB 16:30PM
23.15 km in 2 h. Average speed 5'11'/km
The long run on the treadmill in Velky P. Pretty difficult in comparison to the other 23 k run i did 3 weeks ago... pretty scary to think ill have to do a marathon. But its done and the 1700 kcal burnt :)