2011. március 2., szerda

week 8, 13-19 FEB - last week before the marathon training begins!

Weekly ttl: 42.5km

15 FEB 5:15AM
9.2km in 45:50 - Average speed 5'/ km
To work before an e5. Went pretty easy. I recalibrated the sensor on the run before in the gym and it now obviously exaggerates  - this is the same route that used to be 8.5km or so.

17 FEB 14:45PM
10.2 km in 51min - Average speed 5'/km (plus 1 km slow with L)
The day D and J went to PRG to watch Sparta-Liverpool. I walked them to the Hotel Grand and tafter work then ran home from there following the route of the 40 (more or less). It was really very nice weather and the route, altho a bit busy and smoggy, refreshing. I especially enjoyed the part from Popelova, it was sunny, cheerful and suburban. I went around a bit exploring Turany in an effort to stretch the run a little and then rolled down the hill in the best of moods. Caught L just on time and took her out to run a round too. Course she dropped on her knees twice and became miserable so we cut it short and stopped after exactly 1 km.

19 FEB 16:30PM
23.15 km in 2 h. Average speed 5'11'/km
The long run on the treadmill in Velky P. Pretty difficult in comparison to the other 23 k run i did 3 weeks ago... pretty scary to think ill have to do a marathon. But its done and the 1700 kcal burnt :)

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