2011. március 16., szerda

9th Frankfurter Lufthansa Halbmarathon - the second coming

13 March 2011

So this didnt exactly go as planned... Went there sick like a horse, wasnt even sure i should run but i did anyway. Somehow i convinced myself this caughing and cold wouldnt have to effect my running if i didnt want it. Boy i was in for a surprise.  Started with the 1:39 pacer and for the first few km-s was alright but soon had to realize my performance wasnt going to be as expected. As the km-s piled on every single one of them took a little longer than the last one. At some point it felt like a HUuuuuge challenge to even keep running. I just couldnt believe it: my slow training runs where i always had to hold back were faster and appr. 100 times easier than this! But the best is, i got such SOOORE legs afterwards like i had run really fast. I just dont get it. I kept adjusting my time goal as i advanced and for the longest time i told myself id bring it under1:45 and that'd be alright for a sick man but i even had to disappoint myself with that. I was devastated.

But then Sandra and Michael came altho they both couldnt run and they cheered me up totally! We hung around for a while, i stood in for the group photos with Walter the oberste Kommunikationschef and Sprecher who was sporting the fancy Munchen Olympics 2018 propaganda shirt and bag (id like me some of those)

 and then Juergen shot a few pix of me with Martin Oser (the fastest Lufthanseat and the crazy guy who just did the Empire State Building run).

I picked up a pretty shirt and wore it immediately - even managed to get one for Kasia. I ate a cake and coffee too for charity, unfortunately made  the same mistake as last year (!) when choosing the darkest cake that looked like chocolate thru and thru but was in truth just a dry plain kakao mass. Of course i only remembered it after i payed :( But the coffee was good.

Got on the 16:40 to PRG and got home still on a human time. I was so exhausted i fell asleep on the plane, a and the bus, of course.

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