2011. március 26., szombat

Marathon training - WEEK 5

Huh, i just managed to save the week in its last 3 days (for the price of 2 toenails), very happy to be able to say this. I stupidly kept pushing the first run of the week ahead of me... Sunday i thought was a rightful off day, but i didnt have time on monday as i overslept in the morning and only had 50 min in the afternoon in the small gym where the treadmills suck. I told myself it was ok i was gonna do it on tuesday but this aggressive, terrible food poisoning (or virus?) swooped me off my feet like all hell and from this one day of vomiting and no energy intake i went so week i totally couldnt do any running on wednesday either altho i was not techically sick any more. And i got really miserable because i really needed the long run plus there was this race we were planning to go with K and L for so long. But on thursday i got my act together and the weather cooperated too, so i did my first sleeveless run of the year on the way home from work and ticked the speed training, then i went to the gym in the morning and completed the long run and then we went to the race and i figured it would do for the casual run. So altho im missing 1.2 km i am very happy with how it turned out and am looking forward to the next week! I am almost out of the caughing and can feel my shape return slowly.

20.3 - 26.3   43 km planned - 41.8 km done

20 SUN Pause / Alternativ training
21 MON langer Lauf Dist: 28.8 km in 5:37 min/km
Alternativ training: 30 min cardio plus 20 min strengthening in the gym
22 TUE Pause / Alternativ training
Pause (wanted to run this day but fell sick, vomited my brains out. Spent the second half of it in bed burning up with no food or drink at all.
23 WED leichter Lauf Dist: 3.2 km in 5:37 min/km
Pause (recovery at home)
24 THU Pause / Alternativ training
11.7 km home from work. As perscribed for the next day except: i was still weak from the vomiting and the intervals seemed they would never end so i pussied out and did the following: 2 km warmup - 1.3 km fast - 600m walk - 1.4 km fast - 700m walk - 1.4 fast - 600 walk - 700 fast - 500 walk - 2.5 km jogging home.
25 FRI Tempo-läufe Dist: 11.2 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 3 x 1600 m in 7:09 minmit 800 m Trabpause; Auslaufen (=2km warmup, 3 x 1600 in 13.7 km/h mit 800 m trabpause, 2 km cooldown)
25.6 km in 2h:15min. 11.6 up to 20, then 2.5 km racepace than back to 11.5 and i even had to put in two 30 sec walking pauses for drinking and wiping cause i was really very miserable towards the end.
26 SAT Pause / Alternativ training
4.5 km. 3.2 at racepace (at the Beh Luzankami) and the rest just warmup jogging.

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