2011. április 2., szombat

Beh Luzankami 26 03 2011

L's first race EVER!! :) A 200 m run for children born in 2002 or later. So she was still a little small to actually win it but she did awsome, brave and cool and she didn't fall or stumble. Neither did she get bothered by some bigger kids pushing her back so they could take her place in the second row where i originally planted her. Cheerful and cool in spring-ish temperatures she ran it and got a certificate and i prepared the medal so she knows there is a reward for a good performance :) She was very proud.

K, her boyfriend S and I ran a 3.2km race too somewhat later while D only came to watch L and then went away with her leaving me alone which was ok. What wasn't so ok was my time, 15:04 at 3.2? Sucks!! It was a bit like a cross treck tho and somewhat hilly but no excuse will justify such a low performance. But we had fun and took part in such a traditional run (thats been around every year since 1946.

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