2011. április 24., vasárnap

Marathon training - WEEK 9

17.04 - 23.04     planned 51 km - done 51.4km

Got off on the wrong day for the starting run due to a busy schedule but that doesnt really matter as i just pushed all units a day behind. It was a pretty significant week too: i did my longest run so far, D got the job as teamlead and i was refused the SQ trainer position. There was family drama and Kar-Freitag with fish. But in the end i reached the subscribed mileage even if the 2 shorter runs were not exactly as the plan suggested.

17 SUN Pause / Alternativ training
18 MON langer Lauf Dist: 32 km in 5:34 min/km
19 TUE Pause / Alternativ
32 km in 2:47 at a constant 11.6 km/h speed. Up to about 27k it was quite fine but afterwards a real suffer.  Most of all my belly made it hard, it cramped from the exercise real bad, similarly to period cramps. I almost collapsed when i tried to get off the mill afterwards. The marathon feels like ages away, in terms of me being able to do it... if 32 is so damn hard how should i go another 10? 
20 WED training leichter Lauf Dist: 6.4 km in 5:34 min/km
21 THU Pause / Alternativ training
7.4 km in 37:30. A nice casual late evening round around Chrlice. Very pleasant. Did some belly- and side exercises afterwards.
22 FRI Tempo-läufe Dist: 12.8 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 4 x 1600 m in 7:04 min mit 800 m Trabpause; Auslaufen
23 SAT Pause / Alternativ training
12km in 1:02h. A nice extended round around Turany-Popelova at 22pm. After 4 earlies i was quite tired so i guess i wouldnt have gone if it wasnt saturday and i could have pushed it onto the next day. Casual tempo, very pleasant weather, it turned out to be a joy in the end :) Obviously i couldnt do the intervals but i will next week. Did the core exercises afterwards.

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