2010. február 26., péntek

26.02. 16:00
Chrlice - Turany

Nightshifts again but with no time to go to the gym before, very annoying so shortly before the HM!! I absolutely NEED training every second day now, just like i did in the US. So i thought i would utilize any time i can find, which is how i ended up jogging up to Turany today on my way to business. Only 15 min tho but its quite steep uphill and i did my best to tire. It was a good thing to start my day with :)

Tomorrow i give myself off but i think ill try to run home from job on Sunday (transport should be crappy anyway).

Oh, and i am registered to the Bocholt citylauf :) It was my additional B-day present from M and H. A very lovely one :)

2010. február 24., szerda

02.21. 20:30
Downtown Washington DC

This being my birthday, i figured itd be a good start into my 27th year to have a run. A good omen too, perhaps, that i will keep up my running regime the whole year. And why not? Ive been on it for almost a year now without big pauses.

So i took the metro from Takoma to Union Station and went off direction Capitol, passed the park where the president joggs too (or so they say), ran around the washington memorial, but i didnt have the heart to go to the Lincoln Memorial because we were just there a few hours before. The reflecting pool was frozen and D and A walked on it earlier but i didnt want to risk my only remaining dry pair of shoes.

I passed the white house and ran into the streets and took a biiiig detour before returning to Union, mostly cause i got kind of lost. I was away for a total of 1:15 but id say it was about 60 min of running, the rest orientation and i went into Safeway for a vitamine water in the end.

I would conclude that this was probably my most stunning jogging route so far.

The next day we fly to D's home and the next morning their scale reports a slight weight loss again, about 1.5 kg less than before leaving.

02.19. 21:00
Grand Canyon, Best Western Hotel /gym
33 min on the treadmill (slightly drunk after a very fine dinner), took it very easy, 6.5 km incl cooldown.
Then i spent 20 min in the whirlpool and would have gone to the sauna too but it somehow didnt work.

02.17. 06:00
Albuquerque, NM, on the hill
I went out right behind E's house and had a very funny 40 min run among rocks and cactus :) The town being very high above see level i had quite a difficulty breathing (yes, if i stayed longer i would have had a good 'blutdoping' for the halbmarathon :)). Very nice setting for a run otherwise.
The scale reports a slight weight loss (big relief after the heavy eating in TX)

02.15 05:00
Willis, TX
A 40 min run on the Interstate 45 :)) Quite cult. Very windy and cold tho, very untypically so for Texas at this time of the year, or so they say. It should have been springy.

02.13. 05:30
Willis, TX
1:07, on the interstate 45 and then lost in the living compound of uncle H. I actually meant to go only 40-50 min but the compound is so big and the houses look so similar i took a while to find back. This is the second morning after i arrived, and S's breakfasts are so damn filling i already know i will need the workout to keep in shape :))

2010. február 8., hétfő

A quick summary for dec/jan:

km-s ran minutes of additional cardio (not running)
DEC 59.7 km 120 min
JAN 56,8 km 175 min
08 feb 20:00
1 karnitin shot

started with an excellent tempo (12-12.6) but only held it up until 6.2 km which is when i reached 30 min and had to put in a toilet break (bloody karnitin!). When i got back i meant to carry on fast but was suddenly unbelievably tired. I didnt much understand it as the 6 didnt seem to give me a challange. Anyway, i layed back and took it really easy but even so, i was so tired by the end of the 14 km that i actually considered giving up. Well of course i did run the 14, but i was quite slow.
5000 @ 24:24
6200 @ 30:00
14000 @ 72:27

No workout due to lack of time and strength but i did buy myself a magnesium drink and decided to make sure i eat all necessary proteins from now on (i havent had meet in a long while).

2010. február 6., szombat

Oh, and here is my new tshirt im getting on the HM, which is also to say i joined LSV FRA :))


Ok, long time no write, i can explain :)) Had a busy week, yet i found time for 3 workouts (one more coming tonight still): here goes.

06 feb 18:00pm
1 karnitin shot

Had only about an hour so i went for the run and no weights at all. As the HM draws nearer, i am gradually getting less worried about my shape and more about my performance :/
So altho i read a pro training plan and it suggests i run longer periods on a comfortable speed, i find myself pushing myself on speed because of worries. Right, im not worried i couldnt do the 21 - in fact now i am starting to think i could run even a marathon if i didnt have to be too fast. But i dont quite understand how i made that first halfmarathon in 1:42, that makes for 12,35 km/h and i know i am in better form now! I train harder, i run faster, and still on the treadmill i never seem to make a speed better than that. I only can hope that the road and the adrenaline will be speeding factors. Because i am damn determined to bring this under 1:40.

Well, today i made the 5km in 24:52, the 10km in 49:44 and the 13km in 64:58. I pushed the first 10 then layed back a little, i was starting to feel exhausted. It worries me. But at least i am so far keeping to the plan of raising 2 km a week. TTL 13.5 incl warmup and cooldown.

02 feb 12:00
1 karnitin shot

This being my regular tuesday-workout i had all the time in the world. So i did the next step, 12 km plus warmup and cooldown 500, i went as relaxed about it as i only could - ran in the range of 11.2 to 12.2 but i tried to keep it comfortable. Only on the last 500 m i couldnt hold thee horses any more, so i pushed it up to 15km/h, especially as i saw how bad a time i was going to make. Im afraid i forgot the times tho i tried to keep them in mind - i remember only vaguely that the 12 was done in 62:sth or 63. I somehow thought it was enough of cardio so i skipped the steps but went for all the weights like 40 min, it was quite a good one. But i must say i was pretty tired from the training the day before, perhaps it wasnt a great idea after all.

01 feb 20:30
1 karnitin shot

I only had an hour until they would close so i just did a 4km sprint (under 20, i dont exactly remember), 10 min on the steps and then 30 min weights, whatever i had time for. But i was proud to have gone at such a late hour, it took some willpower to be sure. It was cold and dark outside when i left from home and D already went to bed.