2010. február 6., szombat


Ok, long time no write, i can explain :)) Had a busy week, yet i found time for 3 workouts (one more coming tonight still): here goes.

06 feb 18:00pm
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Had only about an hour so i went for the run and no weights at all. As the HM draws nearer, i am gradually getting less worried about my shape and more about my performance :/
So altho i read a pro training plan and it suggests i run longer periods on a comfortable speed, i find myself pushing myself on speed because of worries. Right, im not worried i couldnt do the 21 - in fact now i am starting to think i could run even a marathon if i didnt have to be too fast. But i dont quite understand how i made that first halfmarathon in 1:42, that makes for 12,35 km/h and i know i am in better form now! I train harder, i run faster, and still on the treadmill i never seem to make a speed better than that. I only can hope that the road and the adrenaline will be speeding factors. Because i am damn determined to bring this under 1:40.

Well, today i made the 5km in 24:52, the 10km in 49:44 and the 13km in 64:58. I pushed the first 10 then layed back a little, i was starting to feel exhausted. It worries me. But at least i am so far keeping to the plan of raising 2 km a week. TTL 13.5 incl warmup and cooldown.

02 feb 12:00
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This being my regular tuesday-workout i had all the time in the world. So i did the next step, 12 km plus warmup and cooldown 500, i went as relaxed about it as i only could - ran in the range of 11.2 to 12.2 but i tried to keep it comfortable. Only on the last 500 m i couldnt hold thee horses any more, so i pushed it up to 15km/h, especially as i saw how bad a time i was going to make. Im afraid i forgot the times tho i tried to keep them in mind - i remember only vaguely that the 12 was done in 62:sth or 63. I somehow thought it was enough of cardio so i skipped the steps but went for all the weights like 40 min, it was quite a good one. But i must say i was pretty tired from the training the day before, perhaps it wasnt a great idea after all.

01 feb 20:30
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I only had an hour until they would close so i just did a 4km sprint (under 20, i dont exactly remember), 10 min on the steps and then 30 min weights, whatever i had time for. But i was proud to have gone at such a late hour, it took some willpower to be sure. It was cold and dark outside when i left from home and D already went to bed.

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