2010. február 26., péntek

26.02. 16:00
Chrlice - Turany

Nightshifts again but with no time to go to the gym before, very annoying so shortly before the HM!! I absolutely NEED training every second day now, just like i did in the US. So i thought i would utilize any time i can find, which is how i ended up jogging up to Turany today on my way to business. Only 15 min tho but its quite steep uphill and i did my best to tire. It was a good thing to start my day with :)

Tomorrow i give myself off but i think ill try to run home from job on Sunday (transport should be crappy anyway).

Oh, and i am registered to the Bocholt citylauf :) It was my additional B-day present from M and H. A very lovely one :)

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