2010. február 8., hétfő

08 feb 20:00
1 karnitin shot

started with an excellent tempo (12-12.6) but only held it up until 6.2 km which is when i reached 30 min and had to put in a toilet break (bloody karnitin!). When i got back i meant to carry on fast but was suddenly unbelievably tired. I didnt much understand it as the 6 didnt seem to give me a challange. Anyway, i layed back and took it really easy but even so, i was so tired by the end of the 14 km that i actually considered giving up. Well of course i did run the 14, but i was quite slow.
5000 @ 24:24
6200 @ 30:00
14000 @ 72:27

No workout due to lack of time and strength but i did buy myself a magnesium drink and decided to make sure i eat all necessary proteins from now on (i havent had meet in a long while).

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