2011. március 9., szerda

Marathon training - WEEK 2

Again, got off to the wrong foot as i couldnt resist one more run with T in the hills. It was def. worth a lot more tho than 10.6 would be on a treadmill.  I guess we could call this one the casual run.

Anyway, altho not the right days, i did all the units with the right distances that were planned plus one more causal run, just all mixed up.

27.2 - 05.3 ttl 37 km planned - 46.7 km actual

27 SUN Pause /Alternativ training
Instead 10.6 in 6:10 min/km, on T's extreme muddy hilly round. 15 min workout with B afterw
28 MON Langer Lauf Dist: 19.2 km in 5:40 min/km
Pause instead
01 TUE Pause / Alternativ training
Instead 8 km speedwork in 5:19 min/km1.6km warmup - 1km sprint at 14 km/h. It killed me! Had to slow down afterwards and couldnt really keep a good speed long tho i tried. Suffered thru the rest of the 8 with pure heart. Then i worked out 15 min
02 WED leichter Lauf Dist: 9.6 kmin 5:40 min/km
Pause instead
03 THU Pause /Alternativ training
19.1 km in ave. 5:05 min/km on the treadmill, last 5 km at racespeed
04 FRI Tempo-läufe Dist: 8 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 2 x 1600 m in 7:13 min mit 800 m Trabpause; Auslaufen
Pause instead
05 SAT Pause / Alternativtraining
9km in 05:05 min/km (home from work, casual)

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