2011. március 2., szerda

The perfect B-day run : Karlovy Vary :)

20-21 FEB
8km in 43 min.
D decided to take us to Karlovy Vary for my b-day, it was something we had been planning for ages and i loved the idea! It turned out to be the perfect trip too, save for the freezing temperatures. We took the bus (over 4 hours ttl), had breakfast in PRG and we arrived in K.V. around midday. We checked into Villa Basileia, a very nice and budget place that exceeded all expectations but those for a nice breakfast. Did some sightseeing after arrival, went to swim in a thermal pool, drank different thermal curing waters and ate fresh oplatkis. We fell asleep relatively early, deadly tired after a long but really nice day.
The next morning i woke at 6 and went out running. I mapped a scenic wandering route the evening before but i got lost and of course never made it. I came up to the pretty orthodox church:

 but that was the last point i could identify on my route so after some futile searching for non-existent streets i took the incentive and just ran around the town basically. Aside from the church i came up on a pretty column from which i had an impressive view on the sleepy town

 and then ran back on the fancy paved streets of the old town. Made a loop on the right side of the canal, starting from the grand hotel Pupp, along the canal i ran and soon joined a red trail for a km or 2. Then i turned back and took the bridge to the right side and soon was home.

Then we had breakfast and spent the better part of the day doing more bathing, sightseeing, oplatky eating and water tasting until it was time to take the bus home. The way home was pretty adventurous but we made it :) A wonderful trip with the perfect birthday run is how it shall be remembered :)

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