2010. április 11., vasárnap

big news!

Im in the ASCA Cross Auswahlmannschaft!! R invited me, and P was also happy to have me join the team. Going to Dublin on the 15th of may - my first country cross, i am very excited! The team consists of really fast people. The great thing about it is, D comes too because we incorporated a Dublin weekend in our annual spring trip (this time Sarajevo - Dubrovnik - Dublin) and he even likes the idea :) So its gonna be lovely. I ought to start training tho, because i only have about a month to get back in shape...

09 APR 21:00
1 karnitin shot

Did 25 on thee steps again and 10 spinning (exhausting!!). Tried to stand on the bike but had to sit back often. I did my belly and leg exercises this time, no problems at all. I even did the benchlifting, tho that was a bit premature i think. But anyway, im fine and i will try jogging this tuesday :)

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