2010. március 21., vasárnap

18. MAR 22:00

Last chance to run for a while! Asked T if she wasnt up for a run and of course she was :) No surprises there. So we went for her "short round", appr. 35 min up and down the hill, ver tiring for the arse (but you should see hers and you would know its worth it!). Now tho byebye running for appr. 4 weeks. Will of course train neverthless but only some certain types of workout are allowed.

16. MAR 12:00

Decided i wasnt to use the half marathon as an excuse for a long rest so went to the gym. I decided on a more muscle less cardo type of workout and altho i was quite tired i kept to it. Did a sprinty 4 km on the treadmill, warmup and cooldown in addition - ttl time 22 min. Then i did 13 min on the steps, very tiring indeed and then biked 10 min but didnt manage to push myself above 26-27km/h average.
I did the usual weights, 2 for each bodypart (except for the lifting which was permanently taken). Appr 35 min ttl.

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  1. P: 5 miles on the treadmill last Thursday in anticipation of Colorado trip and fine German food/loving. Immediately ate two dozen cookies to counter effects. Decided that I look sexy in running shoes, so am now wearing them out and about, but only in company of aforementioned German. Thinking of moving to Florida, I hear it's good for training.
    P over and out.

  2. H: (enters the scene with a slight blush and feeling really badly about having to be contacted in such cunning ways)
    5 miles is like... 9 km? Cool:)
    I will send you a picture of yourself and aforementioned German coctail-wizard right now :) LOVE YOU!!
    Ps. you look fabulous in any shoes :)
    H out.

  3. V: he he. You should see her running shoes before making comments like that :) Congratulations by the way, you look gorgeous!
    Any good pictures from your trip here? I'd love to see them.
    How are your summer plans coming along?