2010. március 13., szombat

13. MAR
On my way to FRA!! 1 more to sleep and its the big day. I am mortified. But glad too that the waiting comes to and end :)

10 MAR 14:00
1 karnitin before
1 protein shake after

12 km on the treadmill, ttl 60 min. 5km @24:18, 10km @49:22. Then i took it somewhat easier on the last 2 km. Afterwards a good fatigue training on all bodyparts, 2 machines each (6 ttl). I drank a protein shake afterwards, and it did help a lot with the recovery (which still took a while :)) I decided to buy a protein for regular use as well as karnitin and multivitamins. I want to see some result to my hard training :)

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