2010. március 15., hétfő


Very unhappy with the time but it still brought me on position 3 (edit: later turned out it was pos5 after all) among LH staff :) Photos soon to follow:)

Got into FRA early evening and found the hotel easily. Had to buy a new sportsbra cause i forgot mine home :( I even ate a salad because i was afraid i wouldnt have the strength the next day.
Watched an episode of the Good Wife before falling asleep.
Woke up early the next morning, wonderful light breakfast in the Hotel Europa, then off to meet V at the Stadion. Met S and other Collegues at the LH stand soon after arriving, picked up my funktionsshirt and went off to warm up. Everything went smooth (this is Germany after all!), and the start was very well organized with the elite-lauf and the different pace-makers starting with time-gaps between for convenience. I was in the second pacemaker group, aiming at 1:40-1:50.

The strecke was quite nice, mostly flat, and covered different parts of the city. My favourite part was the 6km straight on the shore of the Main with a great view on Frankfurt. I made the first 10km in 48 min but slowed down on the second half somewhat, it was especially difficult to keep my speed up between 17 and 19km... By then my lower legs got really sore and i started to feel i would be loosing toenails again and people kept overtaking me which can be discouraging too. Very few women tho, maybe 2, and they all looked quite fit.

V took some photos and helped me with everything i needed, i even took his watch. A promise: by next time ill have a sportswatch:) Its the most useful thing.

There were refreshments at 10 and 15 or so, and i might have made a mistake by drinking too much schorle. But i was dying with thirst! I did not eat tho until after the finish when i had a banana (or 2?)

I was decided to make a sprint on the last 60m as we turned into the stadium and so i did, even tho i was almost dead. At the Finish S and JA greeted me and JM took some finisher-photos as well as some with S. JA told me i was the 3rd among our ladies! He asked me some questions which he'll hopeflly use in either Lufthanseat or the intranet (or both) and then i went to stretch.

Then i took V and got us some coffee and cake, after all what better excuse does one need for eating 2(!) cakes than that it isnt only delicious but its price is donated to charity?! Shortly after 1pm we all gathered at the LH stand and had a cheerful team-photo done, and then J asked the first 3 ladies to pose for a few photos together :) Then, a personal delight, the 3 of us were shot a few more pics with DK, last years fastest Lufthanseat, unfortunately flying for 4U this year and hence not any more strengthening our team but there neverthless :)

What kind, friendly people, really about everyone at LH! I felt so welcome and so well among them, i wished i could stay forever but instead off we had to go if we wanted to get our connection. So farewells were said and V and I went back to town, picked up my bags (V, the gentleman carried the heavy one all the way home!) and went to take a few photos of the skycrapers and then we got a currywurst for the sake of having a taste of Germany :)

Tho unhappy with my time, i still have a difficulty believing i not only managed to run my first evern 21km, i scored the bronze among Lufthanseatinnen! I think i will remember this day for a long while with a feeling of contentment, pride and a little boasting :)

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