2010. március 8., hétfő

Only 6 days to go till the Halfmarathon! I am getting really really nervous...

07 MAR 16:00
1 karnitin

40 min running on the treadmill. 7 km serious, 34:30, the rest cooldown and relaxed jogging. 7.5 total. Then 12 min on the steps, very tiring. Then I did a very very decent workout, with weights, tried some new stuff and all that i normally rotate, a ttl of about 40 min.

02 MAR 21:00

35 min running on one of T's tracks in Piliscsaba - very up and down the hill, very tiring. Worth a lot more than any 35 min run on the treadmill, altho km-wise probably less. Also all of this after 3 hours of sleep in the morning (came out of nighshift).

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