2010. június 27., vasárnap

16 MAY 2010 17:00

Damn the stupid volcano!! The ASCA Cross was cancelled because the Irish airspace got closed again for a day or two, and because the team of Icelandair had no chance to get out of their country. So they rescheduled but the date isnt set yet... Im afraid i wont be LH anymore by then (since the talk is about October).

Altho the airspace was open again, we decided to go to Malta, Valletta instead (half hoping that Dublin would still come) which turned out to be a wonderful idea: altho just 2 short days, we managed to watch most of whats compulsory for a first time visitor and D insisted to make time for a run on the beach for me :) A WONDERFUL scenery, in fact so inspiring that if i was to live next to one such, i think id run every single day :) Unfortunately we had to hurry big time because check-out was due very soon, so i only got 25 min on the shore and another 5 back to the hotel. We still jumped into the pool fast, but only to cool down.. 15 min later we already sat in the cab on the way to the airport and 3 hours later we were back in FRA where we were to overnight in the fancy **** Leonardo Airport Hotel :)

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