2011. február 2., szerda

January sum-up, new layout

What a month! My new shoes are 158.5 km closer to being thrown. In addition i worked out quite a bit, if a used off gym-pass and an almost empty box of protein powder are any indication. My weight has remained the same, in fact i might have put on a half kg or so, but i can safely say it isnt fat.  Anyway, just one more week and im starting my marathon training so i am not worried about my weight for the next 3 months at least :) In fact i look forward to an all time low *hopes high*

Bad news, i didnt get the PIM sponsorship. But i can deal with that, i will apply for one with my company again, maybe they make it a habit to send me to ASCA. This year its in Koppenhagen, we havent ever been so itd be cool, plus it might be the ideal starting point for a trip to Greenland if we get the money together until May. D would love that.

I have a new layout and ive decided to make my blog a real blog, not just for storing training records but possibly making running acquaintances :) So to begin, here is a shout out to my fellow running chics in the CZ: do you exist? Show yourselves!

And one thing at last, huge thanks to D for my new banner! Tell me it doesnt rock :)

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