2011. január 29., szombat

Shoes, races, the rest

Sooo, i signed up for 2 of my planned half marathons! First the Hervis Prague, and along with the registration i applied for the PIM WOmens Challenge Phase 2 sponsorship program as well. I am SO keeping my fingers crossed, it would just be awsome to get it! Decision shall fall in a few days. There is plenty of great stuff coming to those who will be chosen, such as an adidas outfit, a mycoach unit and plenty more.
Then i signed up for the Lufthansa Frankfurt HM! I am secretly hoping to win that thing, the Lufthansa staff rating that is, and the thing is it is very possible but one can never be certain who shows up in which shape this year so i am trying to focus on training and keep my hopes low. At the very least i will score another nike shirt and hopefully run a new personal best time and that shall suffice for starters.

There is bad news too: registration for the Bocholt citylauf started on the 24th and by 11 am it was sold out. I wasnt fast enough. I will have to watch it a lot closer next year. But on a positive note, i found a cool series here in the CZ, the Mizuno Running CUP and i will certainly go to a few of its events. There are like 10 throughout the year. Its more or less serious as i figured from last years results so no winning hopes for me but fun it certainly shall be:)

And as for shoes... I meant to write a short review on the Mizuno Wave Creation 11-s i wear now. I think they just healed my knee injury! It must have been a strain from overtraining once but my old Nikes kept making it worse. SInce ive been wearing this pair from Mizuno the pain had gradually decreased and i was really scared it never would it was pretty persistent. Some reviews said that this modell was for somewhat heavier runners which i am not, but i think i might have needed the extra cushioning for my right knee so they prove to be perfect for that!
Otherwise it is an awsome shoe for winter runs on any surface: in spite of the fact that its of a specially breathable mesh material, i had not once managed to get my feet wet inside it. Its secret is the fact that the toebox "curls" up (huge toebox btw, my toenails are all still intact) AND that tha sole is built rather high. While this might make it heavier, it really is the perfect feat for the season as it keeps my feet warm and dry. Also, it really is extremely well cushioned, it kicks you right back into move upon landing.

But now for the race season i need to buy a pair of lightweight shoes as these weigh quite a bit (370g). I am lusting after the new Kinvara from Saucony, colour is still under consideration. They are just SO pretty!!

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