2011. január 17., hétfő

week 1 / JAN

01 jan 6 AM
Run to work in hard minuses and snow, plagued by a very sore right ankle (came out of the blue, i dont understand, but it hurt like hell)
8.85 km in 45:46. Average speed 5'10'' per km.

02 jan 4 PM
Run home from work, still very cold and snowy, still very sore on the ankle.
9.15km in 47:45. Average speed 5'13'' per km.

04 jan 5 AM
Run to work. Still cold, snowy, windy and im in pain but i prevail.
8.53 km in 44:55.

05 jan 12 PM
INTERVALS IN THE GYM: ttl about 8.2 km, 40min
10 min mostly at 12km/h
4 X 3 min sprint (13.7-13.8-13.9-14km/h) and 1 min jogging (10 km/h)
5 min at 12km/h
3 min sprint at 15km/h and 1 min jogging at 10km/h
5 min at 12/12.5km/h
Intervals on the bike 10 min
usual workouts

07 jan 2 PM
a big useless round of cake-scouting
The injury seems to have disappeared just like it came...
10.53 km in 54 min

45.25 km

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