2011. január 29., szombat

week 4 / JAN

Weekly total: 46.3km

23 jan 14 PM
11.3 km in 58 min
From home around the village to Olympia, bus to town, change money, run back from Uzka to IKEA, a round around Dolni Herspice, back to IKEA. It was cold, slippery what with the remains of the snow now frozen to ice but it wasnt unpleasant all in all. In spite of the cold i could have squeezed the water out of my tshirt afterwards.

24 jan 12:00 PM
12 km in 61:00
INTERVALS in the gym:
10 min warmup at 12km/h
5 X 3 min 14.1-2-3-4-5 - 1 min at 10km/h
10 min cooldown at 12 km/h
another 4 km at a good speed, ranging from 12.2 to 13km/h.
Then normal workout followed.

26 jan 11:15 AM
23 km in 2:00
I was browsing thru some marathon training plans and this one said you should do your long run at a very casual speed so i figured id give that a shot to see. I ran at 11.5km/h, any slower and i would have really not ran any more but jogged. This way the 23 didnt feel tiring at all, the only thing was my feet started aching slightly at around 18 km but it didnt get worse after that. Sometimes i felt like speeding up but contained myself. I think i might have experienced a slight runners high along the way :) I deliberately didnt do any muscle workout afterwards as 2 hours of running should be enough for a day.

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