2011. január 2., vasárnap


As the year was growing older, i have progressively raised my mileage and workout frequency so that posting became very tiring and i have been always behind on it in the past months. As it would be important to keep my training records for future use, i decided to stop posting the individual workouts. Instead i will post a weekly update with all the important infos which will be a lot more accurate than in the past thanks to my Nike Plus system which now records my distances and speeds more or less reliably.

I will sum up the entire December in one post tho, now. I did a total of 91.25km from the 4th to the 26th after which i took the last 5 days of the year off due to severe foot pain. I was only 3 times in the gym but ran 4 units in Piliscsaba with T and they were very hilly. Did the occasional home exercised like Norbi and Pasternak and one of my gym visits wasnt recorded at all.

2010 was a very successful year from the running point of view and i look forward to an even more active new year!

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