2011. január 18., kedd

week 2 / JAN

09 jan 2:45 PM
Run to Olympia after work. The icy cold is gone for the moment, you hardly need a jacket for running. My injury is hardly bothering me any more.
7,1 km in 37min. Av. speed 5´13" per km

11 jan 10:30 AM
The long run on the treadmill. Of course the treadmill was cheating again, cut me about a km. But the run was easy, nice and i could have gone on.
18 km in 85:25min. Av. speed around 4´45" per km

13 jan
Among the coke shopping, preparing for L´s bday party and my interview in FRA i completely stressed out. So this morning, before it all went off, i knew i had to run otherwise i would never make it trhu the next 2days. Got up at 6 and went out for a round around the village. It did good too.
6,18 km in 32 min. Ave. speed 5´18" per km

Weekly total: 31,25 km

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