2011. január 29., szombat

week 3 / JAN

Weekly total: 27.6 km

15 jan 16:00 PM
4.6km in 24min. Must have been a convenience run but i made no notes and now cant remember any more.

17 jan 14:00 PM
Went to the small Pruvan gym for a fast workout after an early shift. Didnt run as their treadmills suck. Instead I did 36 min of cardio: 12 steps, 12 intervals on the bike and 12 on the crosstrainer. Then i worked my butt of on the weights. I finished in a little over an hour. Funny thing was, i was used to the new machines in Velky P and the weights i use there felt too little on these older tools. So i raised them on all of them and in consequence had to deal with a bit of muscle-fatigue afterwards :) Its all fine as long as it hurts.

18 jan 14:00 PM
TTL 16km in 77min
10 min warmup 12km/h
intervals: 3min 14km/h 1 min 10km/h
four times
10 min cooldown at 12km/h
that made about 8km, then i ran another 8 at 12.5-8-7-6-5.
I felt energized and it was easy even though i significantly raised my speed on the intervals.

19 jan 16:00 PM
7km in 36 min. Ran to Lidl. It was cold and i felt rather sluggish. Was just glad when it was over.

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