2011. január 2., vasárnap

Plans for 2011

I decided it was time for my first marathon in 2011 and will soon start a 12 week preparation camp in anticipation of this ultimate challenge. I look at this past quarter year and the following 1/1.5 months as the base-laying camp that, tho at a raised mileage, only serves to deliver me in good shape to the start of the program. Weight training as well as various home exercises and biking have already made their effects as my whole body has become obviously harder, leaner, more durable and stable than - i think - it ever was. My bodyfat percentage is, according to a household scale, 16 to 17% which is pretty satisfactory for the moment. My upper body has technically zero fat left on it, my legs and hips still store some but its decreasing too. My periods (probably partly in consequence) are scattered and ever less frequent which is something i will have to attend to once i am over the marathon but for now it is an advantage as my training intensity doesnt have to be compromised for a week each month.

I chose a very small local event, the Wink Marathon for my first, taking place in Siofok on the 14th of May. My target time is under 3:40. The preparation period will include 3 half marathons to test my performance:
Lufthansa FRA Halbmarathon 13 March
Prague Halfmarathon 02 April
Brno Half Marathon 30 April.
and two shorter runs:
Bocholt citylauf (10k)8 May
MUC Airportlauf(12k) no date yet.

Afterwards i will mix it up a bit: biking and swimming come to my training regime and there are 2 triathlons for me in August:

Cross Triathlon Hungarian Cup 20 August (Notincs)
Firmen Ultra Datterich 28 August

Then we travel to the US, Texas for the World Airline Roadrace (11 September) where D starts on 5k too, and make a nice big roadtrip of it. After that its only the occasional local run and perhaps the Duenenlauf in AMS in December, not sure yet.

So it shall be a good year :) But all i really want is to remain without an injury, the rest is all flexible :)

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