2010. október 17., vasárnap

07 OCT 2010 14:00

I got a Womens Running in London and one article was on increasing your speed over the first 5k so i tried one of the sample workouts they were suggesting. The principle is to create and control discomfort for shorter periods so your body learns to accept it. They suggest 10 min jogging at a comf. speed which i set for 11/11.5, then 4 times 3 min high speed (uncomfortable) broken by 1min jogs and then 10 min jogging to relax. But i only did 3 of the fast units, mainly for lack of time but also because my knee was giving me grief. But no wonder on the bloody treadmill thats so hard i could as well be running on rocks and it runs uneven too, a real nightmare. So i took 13 to 13.5 for high speed and 10 for inbetween. Did a total of 6k in half an hour. Then i still biked and worked out and i did try two new machines for the shoulders and Waden and got totally exhausted. As protein shakes are by now a fixed part of my diet i wont be mentioning any more how i had one after training - i always do.

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