2010. augusztus 20., péntek

06 AUG 2010 16:00

Somewhat adventurously but we made it to the US! Left on the 3rd afternoon, got some 5 hours sleep in B (wanted to jog there but i simply couldnt get myself out of the bed even though i set my alarm) and ended up in Charlotte thru New York instead of Chicago on the first night. Again a few hours of sleep, no time or energy to workout (and most of all, no jogging gear as my bag got lost), flt to Denver, car renting, off to Colorado springs and onward.

So the 6th of aug we woke up in the Great Sanddunes National Park, went to hike on the sanddunes. I did maybe an hour or so only, but D went all the way up to the top of the dunes.

We then drove on towards the Black canyon of the Gunnison and i was increasingly cranky because i really needed some sort of a workout so when we saw the Blue Mesa Reservoir (a lake) we knew it was time:) Additonal bonus: a pretty strong current. Unfortunately we had to make it to R until sunset so i only got to swim 12 min in Lake Gunnison but i made up for it in the evening in the fancy hotel pool of the C S Lodge with another 20 min and some very pleasant whirlpool relaxation :)
But in any case since i only lived on Mcd salads, huge light cokes and coffees, i was def in shape for the wedding on the next day :)

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