2010. augusztus 22., vasárnap

08 AUG 2010 8:00/19:00

The day after The Wedding all the ppl who lived in our hotel must have been resting out their hangovers long because when we came down to the pool around 8 there wasnt anyone near or far :) We swam a little, appr 10 minutes, then went into the sauna for another 10. With a long day of driving ahead of us we knew a little refreshing exercise would have done us good. After the sauna we grabbed some bagels and coffee/juice resp. from the breakfast bar and sat at the pool. Luxury pur!

The evening then found us in Mesa Verde National Park at an elevation of about 8000 feet with considerably less oxygen than what we were used to, so the 32 min of running (up and down, but mostly up, very hilly) i did with D's careful escort really made a wreck of me :) Fortunately there were showers outside of the park so i knew i could get cleaned up. I will estimate i must have run about 5km. Too bad i couldnt really rest it out as we slept in the trunk of the Pt Cruiser that night but it did good anyway.

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