2010. január 25., hétfő

25.01. 18:00

Im starting nightshifts today so workouts will have to be done afternoons. Its more expensive and full of people in the gym, quite annoying. But its good because for the rest of the night i am relatively fresh.

Anyway, to the workout. 10km running in 51:10, 5000 @ 25:03. I had to take it a bit easier on the second half because i was kind of tired (out of touch too, havent worked out for 5 days) but still managed to make an ok speed. Of course, it wont be enough on the Halbmarathon but training will help soon as it is about to intensify.
Cooloff and warmup added i made 55 min on the treadmill and then moved onto the steps for another 10 min: 65 min cardio aint too bad.
20 min workout legs, sides, stomach, then it was time to go but to be frank i was a little tired too.

I didnt write this so far but it is conscious: starting at 5km a few weeks ago, i am adding a km each training and i do it at a fast pace. I will keep raising the bets until the Halbmarathon. Then i am facing a medical treatment that will not allow me to train for 4-6 weeks but i will still attend the MUC airportlauf and Bocholt Citilauf on the 6th and 7th of may. Perhaps not it topform but anyway.

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