2010. január 11., hétfő

8. january 2010 10:30 am
1 karnitin shot before

I was just over a food poisoning (damn chinese on hlavni!) which kind of took the spirit out of me for a few days, and even this day i felt somewhat weak but it didnt affect my distances, only i was perhaps slightly slower than usually.

25:14 min on the treadmill, 5km. 0-3000m 12km/h, 3-4000m 14 km/h-10km/h each 100m. 4-5000 m 12km/h. 3 min cooloff.
15 min on the steps then, this seriously was difficult! I put it on the smallest resistence (1 out of 12) so 15 min are like 30 for the other ladies who read a magazine in the meantime :)
10 min on the bike, at an average of 27-28 km/h. 4.6km ttl.

So this is 50 minutes of cardio, look at it any way you want. Then i did a good load of weights: abs, sides, legs, butt. Appr. 30-40min, i forgot to watch the clock when i started. In any case, i pushed myself until i was really tired and i was quite shaky-legged walking home after :)

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